Removed from Google Play for alternative payment methods

    Google began to remove from the catalog applications that accept payments from users bypassing the standard in-app purchase mechanism. Affected including applications that have been in the catalog for several years, have tens of thousands of downloads and a high rating.

    The author of the program Worldscope Webcams writes that his application was removed from the directory precisely on the basis of this paragraph of the rules. Users were asked to remove the built-in ads by specifying the PayPal payment code. This is prohibited by clause 3.3. distribution agreement , it obliges you to make payments exclusively through the Play Market.

    The trick is that developers from a small number of countries have the right to accept payments through Google Play. For example, Russia is on the list of countries, but Ukraine, Belarus and even some EU countries are missing! Croatia is also absent, in which the author of the program Worldscope Webcams lives.

    It turns out that developers from these states Google is allowed to release only free applications?

    The official page with a list of countries says: "We are doing everything possible to expand this list, but so far we can’t accurately indicate the time frame for resolving this issue."

    In fact, Google is hardly "doing everything possible." The last time the list was replenished a year and a half ago, adding only a few lines to it. On the other hand, most likely, not all countries to which it is actually possible to sell applications are listed. Perhaps it is just slightly outdated and untrue.

    However, the help for developers says: “If your country is not listed above and you do not have a bank account to receive payments, Google will most likely not be able to pay for sales in this account in other ways.”

    Now it became clear that Google is not only “unable to make payments”, but also actively prevents developers from collecting payment from users in alternative ways.

    UPD 02/05/2014. The Worldscope Webcams app has been unlocked .

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