DevDay about testing: Relax. Test it easy

    September 28, we call testers and all those who are not indifferent to the meeting - connect to the broadcast, look in on a visit. Proponents of traditional QA section reports will learn how to check the API for changes and automate it using Postman and Newman. For those who like to listen to the developers we organize a speech about fuzzing.

    Under the cut schedule, details and everything about registration.

    § Details

    DevDay is an open meeting for sociable IT people in Novosibirsk. One meeting - one topic. The last time we met at JS DevDay was in April, and then we went on vacation. Meeting about testing, we open the autumn season. Join us, you’ll definitely get better.

    § What is it about?

    This time we asked our subscribers what they would like to hear at the meeting. More than half of the results said: "We want API testing." A couple of people noticed that at the conferences they would go to any section they wanted, if only not about QA. Tried to take into account all opinions.

    Let's go on the rise - from the report for beginners to hardcore. Let's start with a speech on how to check the API for changes using Diffy, Karate and a custom solution. We continue with absolutely free automation based on Postman and Newman.
    On hardcore, we have a fuzzing combat case (testing with garbage data).

    § Program

    September 28, Friday.
    Novosibirsk time (GMT +7), for Moscow, the start of the reports is at 15:00.

    18:30 - Prepati: “How I spent the summer” with tea and cookies
    19:00 - Automation of the backend regression. Without SMS and AutoTests // Antonina Fantalina, 2GIS
    19:50 - Postman and Newman - API automation for the poor // Anton Malev-Lanetsky, Noveo
    21:00 - Fuzzing or testing with garbage data // Maxim Bakirov, 2GIS
    22:00 - Aftepati : “How I spent DevDay” under pies and beer

    Study the program on , look for familiar names among the participants .

    What's next? We decided to come in person - register . We will remind you of the meeting. We stopped at the broadcast - also register . We will send you a link to the video.

    See you on DevDay!

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