Budget tablets in the New Year: demand is growing, smartphones are behind

    Not so long ago, MTS published an interesting statistic regarding sales in its branded retail. Namely: the most popular gifts during the New Year sales period were tablet computers. In the last two weeks of 2013 and the first week of 2014, demand for such devices increased by 193% compared with the average for the year. Tablets managed to overtake even smartphones: they grew “only” by 180%.

    According to the results of New Year's sales among tablets, the most popular brands have become ... no, not at all well-known brands, but the so-called B-brands. The thing is that, according to MTS, the interests of users have shifted specifically towards inexpensive tablets: over the year, the average price of ten popular tablet models in MTS retail decreased by almost half and amounted to 7,900 rubles (~ $ 230). That is, people look primarily at the price tag, and then at the brand. Last year, there was simply no such dominance of budget tablets on the market, so people took expensive devices. Or even abandoned the idea to buy a "pill". Now everything has changed, for which it is worth saying thanks to domestic brands. The five included Explay, Digma and Prestigio models. All of them are 7-inch and, as you might guess, have the simplest characteristics.

    Explay N1

    From myself, I can add that with the quality of tablets of local brands in recent years everything is much better than it was a year ago. I have for personal use a certain device from the Russian brand, yes with an IPS screen, and with a design from Aypad, but just use this monster of the sample from the beginning of 2013 not-re-al-but. A single-core Chinese processor allows you to have a cup of tea while a new tab opens in Chrome, and you managed to install Chrome after an hour of dancing with a tambourine, because the tablet’s memory was full of tons of free (and undeleted by regular methods) software, and the browser simply did not have enough space . But this product once cost 10 thousand rubles ... Of the five 7-inch tablets that MTS talks about, I only saw Explay N1 for 2,500 rubles (~ $ 74) live, so he has no problems listed. Yes,

    In general, the progress of the "locals" is observed, and the progress is serious. Now there’s a wave of inexpensive tablets on Intel Atom - the same Explay has an I1 model with a metal case and a 7.85-inch screen (hi, iPad mini) for 8 thousand (~ $ 235). Not that Intel today was a leader in the field of platforms for mobile devices (I mean smartphones and tablets, not laptops), but I personally am pleased with this trend - I was terribly tired of cheap devices with Rockchips, Amlodzhiks and Olvinners », Characterized by crooked software and inability to competently consume battery power.

    Explay I1

    It may well be that I will take Explay 1I for a test - I wonder how the Z2580 will behave in a tablet. On the smartphone, namely Lenovo K900, he made a generally normal impression, but the “tablet” is a slightly different thing, it does not “make friends” with cellular networks, which means that perhaps the power consumption will be at a slightly lower level. Developers promise 7-8 hours.

    Well, to dear readers, therefore, I have two questions.
    First: what do you think of the “local” tablets? Are you ready to buy, or are you stepping aside?
    And the second one:are there any prospects for Intel in the smartphone and tablet market? Personally, I think that the near future of Intel is just in cooperation with small companies: their products are selling better and better, which is beneficial to Intel, and such cooperation allows brands to get out of the "Chinese hole", that is, to get rid of the charges of using cheap Chinese iron .

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