School programmers HeadHunter: a new set - 2018/19

    Probably, you have already heard about the School of Programmers : from novice developers, we are raising specialists with experience in launching a project and participating in all business processes. Because this is exactly how work happens in a large IT company.

    From today we open the ninth enrollment in the School. What awaits those who begin training in November of this year?

    Working project in a large company

    For deep IT theory is better to go to college. The task of the School is to show how the project is being worked on in a team where there are business tasks, limited resources, harmful customers and grateful users.
    “We were solving technical problems at the university. Kursach did not mean team development, CI, unit and auto tests, version control, code review and other enterprise development practices. And I got to know all this in the School, ”says Nikita Basharov, a graduate of the 2017/2018 School.
    The first three months at the School are lectures from the developers of HeadHunter. After practice begins. But the ideas for the graduation project are not taken "from the head", they solve quite specific tasks in the company. At graduation "schoolchildren" have to submit the project directly to future users, so it does not do without feedback.
    “The guys solved the pains of our technical director when sending out, filling in and forming the final planning of vacations,” says the curator of one of the groups last year, Nikita Mostovoy. - Immersed in the real code, in all the processes that are in the company: review, testing, planning, stand-ups. In addition, the project was not done from scratch, but as part of a large product that has been developed for several years, with its own advantages and disadvantages. ”
    The level of tasks can be judged by the alumni stories. For example, one such team did this training project last year.

    Learning to think, not code

    The school is open to everyone: from graduates and self-taught without experience to programmers with two years of development in the background. Among the graduates of last year were guys who have worked for more than four years in their profile. And still it was interesting for them to study, and the test tasks did not seem easy.

    For admission you need to go through two stages of the test and the final interview. Solving problems does not require masterly knowledge of programming languages. Rather useful logic, knowledge of mathematics and algorithms.
    “All the selection stages are aimed at finding people who can think well,” says HeadHunter CTO Pavel Martyshev. - Well, face-to-face interview is also a subjective test of adequacy. Sometimes we expel people, and not only for the reason that they do not have enough time. People just lose interest, although at the interview they were very interested. Predicting this is very difficult, but lately, few people have dropped out. ”
    In this article on Habré we talked about the solutions of our problems from the test tasks of the last year.

    Looking for colleagues

    Of course, we dream of every “schoolboy” left to work at HeadHunter after graduation. For six months, students have time to get acquainted with our team, and sometimes even work closely with it.

    The school does not do without a welcome pizza, public defense projects, as well as coffee, fruit and cookies in our cozy office, which help to feel in the team. By the way, a quarter of the employees in the IT department at HeadHunter are graduates of the School: this is the best proof that we are doing everything right. But we are also proud of those who have chosen a different path, we give good recommendations and watch their careers .

    Every year the School changes - along with new students, new colleagues and the company itself. We can only guess how the school year will pass this time.Join to make it more fun and healthier!

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