Google+ Sic transit gloria mundi ...


    So, actually to Google+. The project has been in Bose since April 2, 2019. Now officially.

    Here's how this is written to all participants.

    You received this email because you have a personal (non-corporate) Google+ account or you control a page.

    In December 2018, we announced the decision to close Google+ for individual users in April 2019. This is due to the low popularity of the service and the inexpediency of its service. Thank you for using Google+. The following describes what actions you can take in connection with its closure, in particular how to download photos and other materials.

    On April 2, your Google+ account and all the pages you created + will stop working and we will start removing content from regular service accounts. Also, photos and videos will be deleted from the archival album of Google+ and from + pages. You can download and saveyour content until April. Please note that backups of photos and videos stored in Google Photos will not be deleted.

    Removing materials, events and pages from Google+ will take several months, and during this time data may be available. For example, some elements of accounts will be displayed in the activity log, and G Suite users will be able to see content from Google+.

    As of February 4, it will not be possible to create profiles, pages, communities and events on Google+.

    Answers to questions and current information on the closure of the service can be found here .

    If you are the owner or moderator of the community on Google+, you can download and savehis information. From the beginning of March 2019, it will be possible to download additional data for all entries in the open community, such as content, photos and information about the author. Learn more ...

    If you used the “Login with Google+” button for authorization on websites and applications, keep in mind that support for this function will cease in the coming weeks. On some sites, a Google Account login button will appear instead. It will work in the same way. Learn more ...

    You will no longer be able to log in through Google+ on your own or other sites to leave comments: the function will stop working on Blogger by February 4, and on other sites by March 7. On April 2, 2019, we will begin to delete comments made with your Google+ account from all sites. Read more ...

    If you are a G Suite client, you can still use Google+. For details, contact your G Suite administrator . In the near future, the service interface will be changed and new features will appear in it. Learn more ...

    If you are a developer and use the Google+ API or the Google+ sign-in feature, study this information .

    We are pleased that the Google+ service served as a platform for representatives of creative professions, public figures and various associations. This is made possible by user input.

    PS We remind you that the error in the security mechanisms allowed third-party developers to access Google+ user profile data from 2015, until Google discovered and fixed it in March 2018, but decided not to inform the world about it. Data from almost 500 thousand accounts were potentially subject to abuse. However, Google representatives say they have no evidence that the data was misused by 438 applications that could have access. Full names of users, email addresses, dates of birth, gender, profile photos, place of residence, occupation and status of relations were available for parsing.

    Isn't this the “low popularity of the service and the inexpediency of its service”?

    PPS I’m not a Google employee, I don’t have any special feelings for him, I just conveyed the information. You can pour out all your claims to Google as a minus to my karma and a minus to this article - but, alas, by executing the messenger - the situation cannot be rectified.

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