Overview of the Windows VPS Server Providers Market with a Focus on Disk I / O

    This post is designed for a wide range of those who are still determined with the choice of vps server, and those who have long been using VPS servers.

    When compiling the review, the emphasis was on the average price category of Windows vps servers with 2GB RAM and 2 CPU cores.
    Different virtualization systems were specially selected.
    In the review, I paid great attention to tests of the disk system, since in my opinion this is one of the main elements in the operation of the virtual server. Access time to the disk, read / write speed as well as stable operation of the master server disk system is the key to quick and comfortable work for us as clients.

    I did not forget about the network and the processor and also shared the general impression of the server.

    Providers were chosen randomly, tested those who could quickly (within 30 minutes) get a virtual server for tests.
    At the end of the review, I made a summary table with brief results and my subjective assessment.



    Virtualization technology Microsoft Hyper-V, Intel Xeon processor E5645 2.4GHz

    Tariff VPS 2048 - 1200r. \ Month

    DC in St. Petersburg, with a test from Moscow ping 10ms., Without limit traffic. The bandwidth test showed 25 incoming and the same outgoing Mbps.

    The disk system speed is below average, during the test and the operation of the suspensions and brakes were not noticed.

    Test results:

    Positive points:
    • Good ping in Russia;
    • Stable system operation;

    • In comparison with the previous server, this VPS works a little slower, as can be seen from the disk tests and processor frequencies.
    • 2 virtual cores with a total performance of 2000MHz.
    • Stripped down channel

    Overall rating: 4


    Xen virtualization technology, Intel Xeon processor CPU E5-2620 0 @ 2.00GHz

    DC in Moscow, ping test showed 1-2ms. Traffic is not limited. The channel test showed: incoming - 96 Mbps, outgoing - 94 Mbps.

    Tariff village 699 rub. + Windows license is additionally paid (Win Web 2008 R2 license - 200 rubles.)

    Total: 899 rubles.

    Disk system test:
    windows vps disk system test - read and write

    During the tests, there were no negative moments. Everything is pretty fast and stable.

    Positive points:
    • Good ping in Russia
    • Unlimited traffic at speeds up to 100Mbps.
    • The best access time to the disk (parameter Access time), as a result, rather “nimble” server operation.

    • 2 virtual cores each at 1200MHz

    Overall rating: 5-


    Hyper-V virtualization technologies, Intel Xeon E5-2660 processor, 2.2 GHz
    DC in Moscow, traffic is not limited. VPS server with 2 full cores, 60GB disk system on SSD cloud disk sister and 2GB RAM
    Total: 2861 rub / month. 1151 r. \ Month (taking into account the license for the Windows OS).

    Amendment: When creating a vps server for tests, it was suggested to select a disk array, chose ssd, I thought that was enough, but as it turned out, I still had to write support to get a server with these disks for tests. At the same time, billing issued a price of 2861 rubles. \ Month. As it turned out (it can be seen from the correspondence with the company representative in the comments) the tested server costs 1151r. \ Month.

    During the test, there was a negative impression about the server, opening any window takes at least 3-4 seconds, launching applications also takes a long time. After checking the task manager, I found that the server was allocated only 800 MB of RAM.

    Having carefully studied the site, I found a note that the allocation of RAM for the server is dynamic, which in my opinion is the reason for such a slow visual operation of the system.

    Disk system

    test : The recording test, although it showed a decent write speed, however, the 38ms disk access time is poor.

    Positive points:
    • DC in Moscow, good ping in Moscow

    Very expensive, even taking into account the use of ssd disks.The most inconvenient control panel. A lot of information that is presented in an unstructured form. (subjective opinion of the author).
    • The overall slow operation of the system (most likely due to the dynamic allocation of RAM)
    • In the correspondence (in the comments) with the company representative, he was somewhat rude.

    Overall rating: 3-


    VMware vSphere Virtualization Technology Tariff plan N2048. DC Russia, Moscow. Intel Xeon processor E5-2650 0 2GHz. Like previous test servers, the tested vps had 2GB of RAM and 2 full processor cores.

    Internet connection test showed: Incoming - 176 Mbps, outgoing - 165 Mbps. Ping in Moscow 2-3ms.

    Traffic is not limited, which is undoubtedly a positive point.

    Total: 2331 rub. \ Month.

    The disk system test showed not very impressive results, on average 2 times slower than that of competitors. Screenshots:

    When testing a vps server, there were no visually negative moments. Everything works stably and without failures.

    Positive points:
    • Good ping in Moscow, in addition, with a fast channel and unlimited traffic.
    • You can connect your own drives.

    • Expensive
    • Small disk space. Tariff n2048 - 10GB of which 9GB were occupied by the system. For an additional 10GB + 800r.
    • Control Panel - VMware vSphere Client, this item could be added as a plus, but the client is not Russified, as well as the webmord. Only English.
    • Slow drives.
    • Payment only through an intermediary - Robokassa.

    Total result: 3


    Platform for hosting VPS servers - Germany (Hetzner DC)

    KVM virtualization technology, Intel Core i7 @ 8 x 2.67 ~ 3.40GHz processor

    . WIN VDS-2 tariff is 15 euro ~ 675 rubles.

    Disk system test:

    During the tests, short-term “hangs” of the system were observed, which could not be determined. When testing a disk, there were times when the test hung for several seconds.

    Positive points:
    • 1GB channel, channel speed is not limited.
    • 2 full cores, which is enough for comfortable work.
    • instant activation of vps server.

    • Short-term “freezes” of the server, most likely associated with the disk system.
    • Limited traffic
    • Not clear situation with licenses for paid software. I did not find information about this on the site. A test vps server was provided without an activation key.

    Overall rating: 4-


    Windows Azure cloud service, Hyper-V virtualization technology, DC Russia, Moscow.

    Processor: Intel Xeon E5-2630 0 2.3GHz, 2 full cores.

    Tariff Hit-3 - 2200 rub. \ Month. On which the following resources are given:

    3GB RAM, 3 core processor. Disk 160GB (SAS). 1 external ip. 100GB storage.
    In the cloud, you can create several vps servers and connect them with a maximum of 2 VLan-mi.
    For tests, I created a vps server with 2GB of RAM and 2 CPUs, that is, with the same parameters as in previous tests.
    Channel test showed: Speedtest - incoming 111 Mb / s, outgoing 33 Mb / s. Ping to Krasnoyarsk 53ms.
    Ping in Moscow 3-4ms.

    Disk Test:
    The read speed on the system disk is poor.

    However, the second disc created showed excellent read and write results.
    read test results from disk cloud windows vps server

    During tests, visually everything works quickly. There are no comments on the operation of the vps server.

    Positive points:
    • Good speed of the disk system, both for reading and writing. (I did not take into account the results of reading from the system disk)
    • The ability to create several vps servers, at least 5 Linux machines, on the Hit-3 tariff. True external addresses will need to be purchased.
    • A simple and intuitive control panel with 100GB of backup space, many Linux images, Windows systems and the ability to connect your iso drives.

    • Expensive. Not for everyone. For example, if I need a vds server with 2GB of RAM and a more modest processor with a disk, then I can still order only the Hit-3 tariff = 2200 rubles / month.
    • Checking the speed of another test received a

    General score: 5-


    Virtualization Technology Hyper-V, DC Russia, Moscow. Intel Xeon processor, 2 cores.
    Tariff plan 2048. According to the tariff, the server is allocated 2GB of RAM, 2 processor cores, 200GB of disk.
    Guaranteed 10Mbps channel.

    Total 2048 rub. \ Month.

    Channel testing showed the following results:
    windows vps machine channel bandwidth test
    Speedtest showed approximately the same results, which in my opinion is not enough for a server of this price category.

    When testing the vps server itself, visual "slowdowns" of the server were noticeable. The first read test of the disk gave the following results:

    After 3 hours, a similar test showed:


    General result.

    Positive points:
    • DC in Moscow, respectively, a good ping.

    • Expensive.
    • Slow channel.
    • Visual "slowdown" when working with the system.

    Overall rating: 3


    Virtualization technology KVM, DC Moscow. Processor: Intel 2620 Series 2GHz, 2 cores. There were 12 QEMU Virtual CPU cores on the vps server.

    According to the tariff plan - Cloud 2048 server is allocated: RAM 2GB, CPU 2 cores, SSD 64GB, traffic is limited to 90GB / day. Speed ​​according to speedtest: Incoming 100 Mb / s, Outgoing 25 Mb / s.

    Total: 1600 rub. \ Month.

    Visually, everything works stably and quite smartly. The disk test showed that it was still ssd, although the read and write speed was limited.

    Positive points:
    • Excellent access time to the disk, both for reading and writing.
    • Ability to create snapshots of the vps server and download them, as well as automatic backup of the entire server.
    • Competitive price.

    • Outgoing channel at 25 Mbps. with a daily limit it does not look logical.

    Total rating: 4


    Virtualization technology KVM, DC Moscow. The VPS server was allocated 2 virtual QEMU Virtual CPU cores.
    According to the vps tariff plan, the server is allocated 2GB of RAM, a 70GB disk and a 2-core processor. The channel is not limited.

    Total: 6100 rub. \ Month.

    The channel test showed:

    for some reason, the speed test chose the activecloud server for the test by default :)

    When testing the external channel, the result was as follows:

    The disk system test showed the following results:

    test system disk vps server

    Overall result:

    Positive points:
    • Unfortunately, I did not find it.

    • Very expensive. (the most expensive hoster). Pricing remains a mystery.
    • Test results of the disk system, the Internet channel did not show the expected results (as for such a price list).

    PS To test the vps server I had to talk on the phone with a manager who spoke beautifully about the advantages of their cloud technologies, stable, reliable, etc. To the question: With this price list, I can be sure of the 100% uptime of my projects, I did not receive a positive answer, but I was assured that if any of the cloud components (processor, memory) failed, it would be replaced as soon as possible (I forgot to clarify the terms since the story about the reliability of the cloud continued and I found out that their disk system is made in the form of RAID 6 or 10, I don’t remember exactly and everything is super reliable there in general).

    Total rating: 2

    Summary table for all vps hosters:

    vps hosting - a summary table with subjective assessments of the quality of vps servers

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