How home cinema works: 15 thematic reviews and guides

    This is a selection of “ Hi-Fi World ” on home theater acoustics. The materials cover various solutions and related gadgets for home audio.

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    Built-in acoustics

    • “And the walls will sing”: Ceratec Cerasonar . Speakers sometimes become a real headache for interior designers - it can be difficult to hide all cables and cabinets with speakers. Therefore, in Ceratec came up with acoustics, which can be completely hidden under the wallpaper or a layer of plaster. Using the example of five speaker models, we will show how such a system works and how to create your own sound interior by distributing the speakers over the surfaces in the room (including furniture). An example of what the installation process looks like .

    • "For large walls": built-in acoustic test Dali Phantom S-280 . In the article we understand what the acoustics built into the wall differs from the floor in and how to get a decent sound with it. Here we will talk about acoustics tests for Dali Phantom S-280 movie theaters as a stereo pair. The sound was evaluated on guitar solos by progressive rock bands Rush and recordings from performances of a symphony orchestra.

    • Review: Audiomania cinema halls . We talk about the audio equipment installed in our two cinema halls : the ICE loudspeaker line and Ceratec Cerasonar “invisible”. We share the details of the construction of cinema halls and the organization of multi-channel sound management. The 41st issue of the podcast “Sound” is devoted to the same topic : how the metamorphosis of the former office space in the cinema hall went through.

    • ICE - ice and fire . We are talking about equipping a demonstration cinema "Audiomania" with Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D sound with domestic ICE (Immersive Cinema Experience) speakers. Their main advantage is universality. This acoustics can work both in front and in the back (as well as on the top and side). We give characteristics, we assort options of installation and subtleties of production ICE.

    How to set up a sound environment

    • "Curb the wave": adjust the room acoustics for different budgets . Here, using the example of a typical room with an area of ​​19 squares and a ceiling height of 2.8 meters, we optimized the sound of acoustic systems for different budgets. Methodologies range from the usual replacement of interior items to wall and ceiling modifications.

    • "Tips from THX": how to get everything from a home theater . THX certification describes a set of requirements for high-quality home theater systems. It was developed in 1982 specifically so that the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi director could convey his “acoustic” idea to the audience. In this article, THX Technical Director Scott Francis gives tips on how to optimize home theater sound.

    Home Theater Solution Reviews

    • Review of Denon AVR-X250BT and AVR-X550BT AV Receivers . In the review you will find a comparison of two new theater receivers from 2018/2019 from the budget class . Plus - features, advantages and disadvantages of each receiver. For example, the AVR-X250BT model supports only 4K, and the more advanced version of the AVR-X550BT can work with the Dolby Vision HDR standard.

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    • Overview: a set of receiver and a set of 5.1-speakers Onkyo HT-S5805 . The “kit” of the speaker system for the Onkyo cinema consists of a full-fledged receiver, wooden speakers and an active subwoofer. We tell you which formats it supports and test its capabilities: let's compare how the cinema works when playing HD tracks and movies with Dolby Atmos.

    • "Who is over fifty": a comparative test of three speakers . We answer the question: is it possible to buy speakers with good sound quality for fifty thousand rubles? To do this, we compare three solutions that can be the basis for a Hi-Fi-system or home theater. We study the design features of the speakers and share our listening experience: which speakers have the best blues and jazz, and which ones do an excellent job with “heavy metal”.

    • How to use a VHS video recorder for recording . We experiment with analogue equipment: we archive vinyl and SACD on VHS using a Grundig GV-464 tape recorder. In addition, we compare the sound on VHS and DVD and discuss the pros and cons of VHS Hi-Fi Stereo.

    • What is Dolby Vision: answers to important questions . This material is a collection of answers to questions related to the Dolby Vision HDR standard. What is Dolby Vision? How does it differ from other HDR video formats? Do streaming services support this format? All information is taken from open Dolby documents.

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