Girls: five reasons to marry an IT specialist and five reasons to think carefully before

    Disclaimer: everything described below is the result of personal experience, as well as the results of observing friends and acquaintances. Well, do not take everything too seriously.

    Despite the calendar Monday, the upcoming New Year inspires Friday's mood, which, in turn, encourages us to talk about something vital. This post is addressed to girls who had a chance to meet or even marry an IT specialist, and tells something about the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen ones. In addition, I think it will not hurt the guys to read it: perhaps it will help to understand the reason for your beloved indignation.

    Five reasons to marry an IT specialist

    1. Reliability and responsibility

    Most of my colleagues who know me have a high sense of responsibility - it seems to be developed by will or not in the course of professional activity. Marrying you, the IT specialist will take responsibility for your comfort and prosperity, and, be sure, will do everything to ensure them. Here it is worth mentioning the ability to focus on the goal and achieve it: usually quiet and motionless meditating at the monitor, your chosen one can show frenzied activity and turn mountains in an incredibly short time. For example, if at some point he realizes that it’s worthless to sit in a half-tattered house for the second month, by the end of next week you may find yourself in a clean and renovated apartment. It is also verified by personal experience that one programmer can bring a two-room apartment in perfect order in two to three hours,

    2. Interesting interlocutor

    Despite the common stereotype, most IT people have a passion beyond their main specialty, and almost all of them can talk a lot on this topic, clearly and interestingly. Obeying the habit acquired in the main profession, your boyfriend delves into all the subtleties of his hobby, and if you can find this topic, you can learn a lot about the topic and about it. Among my colleagues there are many musicians, some draw great, others are fond of martial arts (and not only their theoretical side), and fourth are avid collectors. By the way, there are almost no gamers among them.

    If it so happens that you have a common hobby - you can only envy. And if not - at the moment when your loved one understands what you are fond of, he will probably do a little research, just to be able to truly evaluate your achievements, and to keep up the conversation. However, alas, he is unlikely to discuss the latest fashion trends and the new pop star album ...

    3. Family affluence

    It is no secret that the salaries of programmers are now above average, no matter what country they are talking about. This means that your spouse will surely be able to provide a normal life for you and your children, even if your own salary is not too high. Practice shows that in a large city (I won’t tell about small cities due to my lack of reliable information), even a recent graduate will be able to find a decent job. Say what you like, but family happiness is severely tested if there is nothing to have breakfast in the morning, and the lessor threatens to evict for non-payment. In general, you have a good chance of getting fur coats and jewelry a little more often than usual.

    By the way, if you are easy to climb, and your young man is a specialist above average, you have a good chance to live in different cities, and even countries, at the expense of his employers.

    4. Marital fidelity

    In this matter, I probably embark on unsteady ground, but nevertheless I will undertake to assert that many IT people are not inclined to adultery. The fact is that most of them are very introverted, and meeting a girl implies a certain degree of openness and sociability. And even if a competitor takes the initiative on himself, he is unlikely to immediately admit it to his personal space, and even more so to his own carcass :-)

    5. Personal programmer system administrator.

    It is difficult to overestimate this point. All computer equipment in your home will behave decently (well, if someone is not keen on experimenting with firmware and the like), viruses will be cleaned up promptly, the Internet will be as stable as possible, and so on. And even if you do not consider yourself an electronics lover, an unexpected porn banner will not stop you from surfing the Internet or driving your favorite toy sims .

    Five reasons to think carefully before marrying an IT specialist

    1. Tediousness? Pedantry

    It seems that one of the most painful problems, which of all IT specialists is most pronounced on programmers. The habit of working with computers, expressing your thoughts in an understandable form for them also affects the style of communication with people. Be prepared for the fact that your spouse will constantly "cling to the wording", correct you and get bored in every way. This is not easy to verify, but he does not do all this out of a desire to get an interlocutor, but on the contrary, out of a sincere desire to understand what exactly you had in mind.

    The programs we write, the computers we deal with - all this belongs to a strictly formalized world, where each term and phenomenon has an exact definition, and we are used to operating with precise concepts. Therefore, communicating with you, your spouse will automatically try to build the necessary definition base. Alas, for communication in a natural language, and even with living people, this is impossible. And the only way to deal with such tediousness is to gradually "re-educate" your young man, trying not to get annoyed in the process.

    Another spouse will demand to express himself not by hints and indirect signs, but directly speak if you want something from him. Just because hints are an even less reliable means of transmitting information than natural language.

    Another manifestation of pedantry is the tendency to plan everything and everything. Do not be surprised if your beloved on Monday asks you to announce the plan for the current week, and will be extremely outraged if you suddenly change your plans at the last moment. It is not surprising that he wants to know your hourly plan for an evening vacation, especially with regard to spending time together, and will be annoyed if these plans suddenly change. The thing is that this causes the need to change his own optimally drawn up plans, and he just becomes insulted for the efforts spent on planning.

    2. Rationalist to the bone

    It is also difficult for IT people to understand your decisions when you make them, guided by emotions or momentary impulses. Examples of such situations are textbook: change your outfit three times before leaving the house, although a taxi is waiting at the bottom, demand an urgent trip to the store, as there is "nothing to wear." In the latter case, he will think or even say something like: “What is nothing ?! The cabinet is already full! By the way, you can make n! / (K! (Nk)!) Of different clothes from this junk, where k is the number of clothes put on, and n is the number of available ones. ”

    Here, as in the previous case, nothing can be done but a gradual “re-education”. Fortunately, your loved one is quite able to understand and learn how to predict your impulsive decisions over time, which will solve this and the previous problem.

    3. Forget about fur coats

    If you have already been delighted to read about a good salary, I have to upset you. Instead of a pretty brooch for the New Year, you will surely get some kind of gadget, at least if you don’t hint that you want a brooch or a fur coat for the holiday. However, about hints, see above.

    4. You will have to love the technique

    Unfortunately, you can’t get away from talking about another technical novelty, gadget or service. They will probably try to transfer you to a smartphone, replace SMS with WhatsApp, describing its magnificent advantages, and, in some cases, it’s mean to replace the usual Windows with Ubuntu. And there are two ways out: either try to figure this out a bit, to at least understand a little what my husband is broadcasting now, or to get divorced. On the other hand, you don’t need to become an IT person yourself, just become a confident user and understand why you do not want Ubuntu.

    5. High life

    In the first half, I already mentioned the introversion of the IT people. This trait also has an unpleasant manifestation: you should not expect your chosen one to want to regularly go to clubs and participate in drunkards. On his own initiative, he will lead you most likely to the cinema, theater or, at most, to the concert of your favorite band, and even then not too often. So you have to find a compromise and sometimes feel free to take the initiative into your own hands.

    A few words in conclusion

    The text turned out to be quite long, longer than I expected, but I do not want to split it into two posts. I wanted to emphasize that IT people have their advantages and disadvantages, like any other people, I hope I succeeded. Fortunately, most of the shortcomings are "cured" over time - the skill of family life is pumped, may such a formulation be forgiven me. If you happen to feel these problems yourself, don’t worry, don’t get angry, don’t be offended. Better try to gently point out to your beloved his mistakes, and over time he will recover. If you suddenly recognize yourself at some point, don’t wait until they tell you to change, and your beloved will be pleasantly surprised.

    PS I did not find a hub more suitable than the "closet", if there is any more correct - tell me.

    UPD: I suggest to habrayuzery and their girls / wives to fill up both the first, and second lists from personal experience. And I will try to supplement the post. You see, the benefits of fasting will increase.

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