Special offer from Marmalade Technologies Ltd for developers of Tizen applications

    Good morning, Habr!

    If you still do not know, we are excited to announce that developers of applications for Tizen is a unique opportunity to obtain a license for the Marmalade SDK for a period of six months from the company's partner Tizen Association - Marmalade Technologies' Ltd , as well as the opportunity to receive monetary compensation from appbackr .

    The conditions for participation are as follows:

    1. Until December 31, 2013 register here .
    2. Download the latest version of the Marmalade SDK with support for the Tizen platform (to work, you must have installed Visual Studio 2010+, including the Express edition or Xcode 4.1+).
    3. Develop or port your application to the Tizen platform using the Marmalade SDK.
    4. (In addition to this offer) Submit your completed (or near completion) application to appbackr and earn points for your application.
    5. When the application is fully ready, by January 31, 2014 register it and get certified in the Tizen Store . If the application was previously sent to appbackr, do not forget to add “appbackr” in the “Comments to Validation Team” field.
    6. Get a Marmalade SDK license for six months and a cash reward from appbackr (up to $ 10,000 through PayPal).
    7. The best apps will be promoted from the Tizen Store and appbackr.

    Promotion Details: www.madewithmarmalade.com/offers/tizen

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