Codecademy Launches First Mobile Programming Learning Application

Original author: Eliza Brooke
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Today, the guys at Codecademy took their first step in creating applications and released an introductory programming course that can be completed in less than an hour.

The launch of the application was dedicated to an interesting event Computer Science Education Week , the purpose of which was to convince 10 million American students to do programming in one hour (it is supported by Apple, Facebook, the government represented by Obama, and famous people). The broader purpose of the application is to create a series of lessons that could be taught a little on the go, which is great for busy people who want to learn new skills.

Director & Founder Zach Sims says Codecademy for iPhonewill become their own independent learning platform. The first version contains only a few basic features - it shows you what programming looks like and explains its main functions - but the team hopes to release new content this week.

The application was created in order to become a super simple first step for subsequent programming training. The text reviews that you receive after each question inspire you, make you feel that you have completed the task and well motivate your fragile but easily bloated ego.

At the moment, the entire training program is divided into five parts, turning into one another: introduction ("Welcome"), Data Types, Variables, Comparison and If ... Else. Each section contains several examples and questions that make up a series of small lessons.

The learning process itself is designed taking into account the usual limitations of mobile devices: a small screen and the inability to print a lot of text. While the Codecademy desktop service supports learning by completing assignments, the application takes a different path. Instead of writing their own code, users add small fragments in the lines of code, and in most cases several answers are already presented. In some sections, instead of answering a question, you just need to click the "Run" button.

Some questions seem ridiculously simple. For example, in the introductory section you are asked, “Can you write a program that calculates how much '6-2 ′?” Will be, and you only need to substitute the minus sign in “print (6? 2);” (you need to click on “?” and choose the correct answer).

You can laugh and say that programming is for dummies that you will make your own application and get rich.

The only problem is that the application does not contain any definitions and you have to google some answers. Most likely this will be fixed over time, as Codecademy continues to develop the mobile wing of its business.

Sims says the goal is to create a platform-independent product, and cites Duolingo educational company as a successful example. But there are limitations when writing your own code, so it will be very interesting how Codecademy will handle this.

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