The legendary "Festival 404" returns and will be held October 6-7, 2018 in Samara


    You say, but yes, the rumors are true and the Festival 404 is back and thunders already this October. And we are so glad!


    For the eighth time, the Hare of Wrongs will gather everyone in Samara at the most powerful festival of Internet figures. This year, the organization of the festival, headed by Denis Kortunov, has been seriously strengthened by the Mercury Development team, and this will help us shoot up to the sky! So we have not yet festivals!

    From what remains unchanged - two closely painted days, 10 thematic lecture streams from which you can choose the most interesting ones for you. Only the most unearthly speakers, which can be touched, only the most pressing issues and the most unbridled fun!

    We really appreciate the personal attitude, so the sections at the 404 Festival will be traditionally authored. Here is a list of sections that will go in 5 threads:

    • Frontend and backend (Maxim Salnikov)
    • Mobile applications (Ruslan Demyanenko)
    • Design (Artem Geller)
    • UX (Plato Dniprovsky)
    • Product Management (Yuri Ageev)
    • PR and marketing (Marie Glazkova, Yuri Marin)
    • Management and Entrepreneurship (Sergey Kotyrev)
    • Startups (Sergey Bogdanov, Pavel Veselovsky)
    • Information Society (Denis Kortunov)
    • Future Technologies (Denis Afanasyev)

    If you need a special invitation, here it is:

    We are looking for sponsors and partners of the festival. You can be a sponsor, you can put a stand in the hall, or just a pillar, you can still come up with something. Sponsoring the 404 Festival is not only honorable, but also beneficial.

    Now the most important thing. If you have no doubts and there is a desire to participate in the festival, then until September 5, you can buy a ticket at a special low price , and with the promotional code HABR there will be a discount of 404 rubles. Come in the fall to Samara on the Festival 404! It's great here.

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