Video review DJI Mavic 2 Zoom and 2 Pro. Testing cameras and new features


    Today we will tell and test new models from DJI: Mavic 2 Pro and 2 Zoom. Immediately it should be said that the company once again jumped higher than his head and was very surprised. One would expect similar upgrades in the Phantom, but certainly not in the younger model. However, they are here! Let's talk about the new copters, and then check how it all works.

    In the dimensions of the drones increased not significantly: compared with the first version, they have become a little harder, but, given all the innovations, it is quite justified. If you look at both models, you can see only one difference between them - this is the camera. All other systems are exactly the same. Probably the most interesting of them is the recognition of obstacles in 6 directions. The drone will now see any objects anywhere. All these systems are different, and adjustments should be made for the working distance and flight speed of the copter, but the fact remains that the new plank has been set and, for example, in ActiveTrack mode, you can no longer worry about the safety of the drone. By the way, this mode was thoroughly modified and made it much smarter.

    But much more interesting new features: Hyperlapse and Dolly Zoom. The latter, however, will only work in the Zoom version, but this is another breakthrough for drones. The ability to bring the object to which it is difficult to fly close, and also to work with the volume of the picture are actually very important aspects when creating photos and videos that are difficult to overestimate, even though the general characteristics of the camera in the Zoom version remain the same as on the first Mavic Pro models. In addition to photosensitivity: it varies depending on the crop. And it all works with autofocus!

    Now look at the Mavic 2 Pro. It has a camera with a CMOS matrix of 1 ”, a resolution of 20 megapixels and a maximum ISO 12800. The new Dlog-M color profile is also installed here, which allows you to work with HDR video for post-processing of color correction. The remaining characteristics on both cameras are exactly the same, but the bitrate has grown to 100 Mbps.

    And here comes a moment when it seems that the changes are quite enough ... but no, that's not all. The maximum speed in Sport mode has increased by as much as 7 km / h and is now 72 km / h and, according to the company, ActiveTrack will also work at that speed. They improved the OcuSync signaling system, which switches between two frequencies. Now this is version 2.0 and the transmitted image should be even steeper and work at even greater distances. New Mavic can be sent to a distance of 18 km, and in height - 6 km. It sounds great, but in this moment there are doubts, because even if it flies away so far, the main thing is not to be discharged on the way, since the battery capacity has grown by only 20 mAh. But the flight time for the statements should increase to as much as 31 minutes (as in Phantom 4). True, in ideal conditions.

    What is especially nice and will greatly please all Russians is now officially possible to fly at -10 degrees. If the drone breaks - it will be a warranty case. And in the new 8 GB of internal memory is built in and it works much quieter.

    Mavic 2 has become better literally in everything. And this is not some kind of props, these are really important and drastic changes. The only negative is the price tag, it has also grown quite well, but we all understand why we are paying extra.

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