It's ... Brand New School!

    You certainly saw an ad that was inspiring and surprising. This is, of course, not about all kinds of “Then we will come to you”, but about a truly professional, high-quality creative fountain ... It is Brand New School that specializes in such advertising.
    Without further ado
    Apple - iPod The
    new iPod shuffle allows you to fit up to 240 songs on your lapel, in your pocket for a little thing or on a scarf:

    Adobe CS3
    As part of an ad campaign for my beloved CS3, the guys from BNS developed an interactive installation using hi-end hardware and flash scripts:

    If I understand correctly, this is an advertising service that will simplify your connection to television when moving

    Adidas and his smart sneakers

    I don’t know why, but it seemed to me that I didn’t see any more kind and positive advertising

    VW - New Beetle
    It is almost a masterpiece. The style of the Far Eastern martial arts films tells about the confrontation of the new VW Beetle and an ordinary alarm clock

    With each new advertisement, it’s harder to come up with synonyms for the words “creative”, “bright”, “amazing” - we just look:

    Electronics chain Target

    AT&T and Napster
    Advertising on a new service provided by Napster in conjunction with AT&T

    As you know, this is far from all, so due to technical problems, I was not able to download the video preview that you saw at the beginning of the post. If you liked it, I highly recommend visiting the Brand New School website.
    If you decide to order advertising at Brand New School, contact the managers of the department in New York or in Los Angeles

    P.S. Our team expresses appreciation for the high marks of the last post and modestly hopes that this one will also appeal to many;)

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