Is it worth it to believe I sang a check? Stop five no decent post before sconces


     It is not uncommon to rarely have to go at once personal text ah not so much about errors. At that, most of it is written in general, but it’s literate, but no, no, and even the voice tears to the word form, which is incorrect at the opinion. For example, from the eternal misuse of the corresponding post fixes. In addition to this, one should share a bet or stick to the pretext, as a hundred accurate examples, and it is not uncommon for a Roma not to go for fifth place in legal places.

In that signalist, the idea gradually comes that it would not be bad to sculpt such a post in which the forehead is max and small but it is possible to scratch it very much, but I would not suspect the test process that something is wrong here. But what would the text itself be on the estate we read to them.

Approximately the same condition, at some point in the past, you should try to come to a normal person on a soft sign that was struck by no offense at the same time, in different verbs, from divided rates and when molded prepositions as well as all their possible mistakes about errors are not few in the stuffed places ah.

I give the blessing, I saved for, at the dacha!

PS I wanted to get more, but, excuse me, I can no longer. I did not think it was so difficult - to make mistakes ... And the main message of Lent is that, when you read the wording in the spirit of "it is mad," especially when you read fluently - it turns out, "he infinite and tsya" instead of "he b esitsya ”, and you always stumble on such places. After that, sit, think that the author wanted to say, and if this happens more than once - you begin to truly infinite and tsya: Well there is a button «Preview» ...

PPS has proposed user OLS , perhaps, he will gather some statistics. :)

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