From idea to the App Store: 24 hours, 2 applications

    Hello, dear readers of Habr!

    Due to the relatively high popularity of my previous stream ( From idea to the App Store in 24 hours ), I decided to organize a new broadcast. This time we will not be limited to one application, and we will bring from the idea to the App Store as many as two applications for a 24-hour marathon.

    The marathon itself, as always, is available at: . General chat for viewers and hosts at jabber'e:

    For the time allotted for the marathon, we with an excellent backend developer (@ pro100hikka98 - General Media Group) will write two applications from scratch:

    1. Aggregator application of public accounts of various services
    2. iOS client for the service of sharing likes, reposts and subscribers

    In the stream program:

    • Development of two applications for iOS and a backend for them
    • Free communication, constant interactive
    • Teleconference in Vancouver: development is carried out immediately in two hemispheres
    • Competition for the best icons for applications
    • Great music (Affectionate May included)
    • Complete app publishing process on the App Store
    • Laughter, intrigue, investigation

    Application Ideas:

    1. A simple application with a database behind. Someone is wrong on the Internet, but are you too lazy to register on the site? The solution will always be in your pocket: look for an online service in a constantly updated database; enter the proposed username and password; prove to the opponent why he is wrong! Want to help the online army of truth-keepers? Register yourself and add new data to the system in a couple of touches to the screen!
    2. You created another incredibly successful public in contact with the best content on the network, and for some reason people don’t go? Exchange your likes on strangers in a couple of clicks! Incredibly simple and convenient application for monitoring your statistics.

    Both applications are absolutely free. There are no ways to monetize.

    Waiting for you on the stream!

    After 14 hours of development, the first application reached the “Waiting for Review” stage in the Apple App Store. Alas, I don’t have enough for the second application of forces - the frequency of marathons affects it. I'll do it a bit later in normal mode.

    Many thanks to everyone for their live support! I am going to bed.

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