Kids watch with GPS by September 1: what you can pay attention

    Despite the controversy that still does not subside around such a simple gadget, children's “location” watches are extremely in demand in late August - early September and before the first holidays.

    We suggest, after weighing the pros and cons, look at several models if you, like us, are faced with the school as a parent.

    • GPS watches are criticized for some ethical reasons. First, it is the control of the child, in whose eyes the parent becomes a tyrant.
    • Hidden wiretap. In some watches there is a hidden call function, when the clock begins to receive a signal without giving itself away. Of course, this is not very correct, especially in the classroom. Teachers rightly resent about this.
    • Vulnerability. In the news they wrote that with a certain zeal it is possible to break such a clock, and this will give the child’s location to potential intruders. This thesis can not be challenged, it can only be reminded that private photos of celebrities are leaking from Apple's safe depositories, and if you believe the American press, hackers break the presidents' servers.

    Obvious advantages will also be typed. The same close monitoring of the child in modern conditions is not so bad. The possibility of two-way communication and, in general, an alternative to a telephone for the first time is excellent. The schools are still stealing, and even Xiaomi in five thousand will be a pity to lose.

    You can search for compromises in use: some watches have a pick-up sensor, and you can arrange for a schedule, that is, take pictures in class and don a gadget just on the way home and to school.

    One way or another, taking into account both the pros and cons, parents for the most part buy such watches. And we on the basis of our catalog have compiled such a selection.

    The cheapest


    The younger EnBe model is now worth 1393 rubles . It is one of the simplest with the minimum required set of functions.

    The watch provides child control using Wi-Fi, GPS, AGPS, LBS in real time, and also allows you to set safe zones. Of course, support the function of calls to 12 authorized numbers + sending messages "SOS" by pressing a button.

    The model is not touch, which increases battery life, and is controlled by several buttons. Watch does not look annoying, it will completely go for the "ordinary" and will not attract too much attention.

    Most expensive

    Watch-hit - DokiWatch . Despite the high cost, the watches are sold almost more successfully than models ten times cheaper.

    Their main advantage is the possibility of two-way video. The rest of the watch is similar in functionality to its “brothers”: tracking position, safe zones and “SOS” -signal.

    Noteworthy in them is the “School” mode, which allows you to remotely deactivate the device for the duration of the lessons!

    The most famous

    The most recognizable watches with GPS tracking in our market are the so-called SmartBabyWatch models, the line of which probably includes a dozen gadgets of different shapes / sizes.

    They are distinguished by the letters in the title: "G10", "W8", "T100" and so on. But the most famous of them is the Q50 watch . Probably, these watches will be on the small wrists of the overwhelming number of first-graders.

    Despite the frankly low cost, the watch is quite functional, and in some ways it exceeds the capabilities of more expensive devices. One of these advantages can be called an additional sensor - the removal sensor from the hand, so if a child suddenly wanted to go to school and asked the headman to keep the clock in class, you will know about it.

    SmartBabyWatch lineupincludes over a dozen different hours , and they all in varying degrees, repeat the key functions of each other. Nevertheless, one should be mentioned additionally.

    Most "adults"

    The above models can be recommended to parents whose children go / go to primary school, but worrying about children with age, we do not cease, and convincing a teenager to wear children’s watches in the fifth grade can be a problem.

    A good option is the D100 watch .

    A stylish and “adult” rectangular case of a digital watch will not give much out to them a GPS tracker, and additional features, if anything, will help give them out for a cool fitness tracker. This is one of the few (if not the only) children's watches that include an optical heart rate monitor. Everything, as at adults!

    The most "social"

    X10 - can also be called an adult clock. However, the secret is different here: among the preinstalled software there are social networks, though not the most popular in Russia: Facebook, Twitter, WatsApp.

    Following the logic of this set, the watch is recommended from the age of 13.

    The most "ordinary"

    The clock from Elari was created not so much to control the child, but rather to keep in touch with him.

    In fact, besides the alternative to the telephone, it doesn’t have value as a tracker. But there are additional features that make the clock useful: the same alarm clock, so as not to sleep in the school.

    The most "localized"

    Round models from “The Button of Life” are, in fact, a converted SmartBaby ( I8 ) watch , but with slightly different possibilities, a more understandable application targeted at the Russian audience.

    Watches are quite popular and are widely represented in online and offline retail. Key features include GPS tracking, travel history, feedback functions and “SOS”. Also present here is a pick-up sensor and " hidden call ".

    Everyone who is involved, with the coming September 1!

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