The most important with Gamescom 2018 - Nvidia RTX, Cyberpunk 2077, Metro Exodus

    This past weekend, the game exhibition Gamescom 2018 ended in Cologne. It is secretly perceived as an opportunity to play everything that was announced at E3 a couple of months earlier . Therefore, few surprises - a lot of gameplay. And in the case of the Cyberpunk 2077, it's even cooler.

    Under the cut the best videos from the exhibition.

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Gamescom brought the same watch demo as on E3, and also showed it to reporters behind closed doors - but went a little different way. During the development of The Witcher 3 there was a similar scenario. Players have long learned the details only from the words of the press. CD Projekt either poisoned curiosity, or was really afraid to show the game to everyone - so that they would not remember the cut out details and would not scold them for “unfulfilled promises”.

    This time there was a surprise. As soon as Gamescom ended, CD Projekt posted a demo to the network.

    For 48 minutes, and really showed a game that can not be trusted - too good. Huge, uncompromising, adult in a good understanding, which you put into this word in 14 years. Krovischa, boobs, swears and little people who can pall if you do not like them.

    Live, personally from me, the demo was shaken by the first doubts.
    - First, I wanted a third-person RPG, "The Witcher in the Future." Given how many buns and clothes you can hang on a character, you too want to keep it before your eyes, like a new toy. But there are so many details around that you want to look at them with your nose stuck even more.
    - For some reason, from cyberpunk, besides the obligatory High-tech-low-life, you wait for certain attributes - noir, neon, rain, sad pathos, electronic saxophone. All this has been inherited from Bladerunner for many years. Cyberpunk 2077 tries on a new image. The ironic, hooligan and sunny city (as if called the Night City in mockery) looks fresher, and resembles a mixture of Japanese cartoons from the 90s and VHS action films of category “B” from the 80s.

    But it is still unknown what the game will be in the end, when, finally, will be released - in three years. Not on those technologies we spend forces. Why do we need stupid AI, bigdats and super-computers, if we still do not have cryo-cameras!

    Resident evil 2

    In comparison with other mediums, games have a special feature - they turn into museum exhibits too quickly. Resident Evil 2 is a cool game from childhood, but playing it now is not as easy as reviewing the same Bladerunner.

    Capcom solves the problem with remakes. He takes the old script (as far as this word is applicable to the game) and the project does it again.

    Green, blue and red grass can be mixed, as before, but it all looks and plays by modern standards - the camera is over the shoulder, even more nasty zombies and the plot is a little shuffled for drama.

    Nvidia RTX

    Nvidia held a presentation of a new line of video cards called RTX at Gamescom. Its feature is the new Turing architecture, optimized to work with Ray tracing technology. It allows you to make more realistic lighting, reflections and shadows. According to the promises of Nvidia, Turing cards can cope with ray tracing ten times faster than previous generation cards, such as 1080 Ti.

    Turing also uses AI technology to improve images and effects in real time.

    The lineup will feature three models - RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080 and RTX 2070.

    Life is strange 2

    The studio Dontnod, authors of Life is Strange, difficult fate. These are ambitious French who know how to write plots and create interesting worlds, but the players accept their action-gameplay with cold. So it was with the game Remember Me, a potential hit that almost went bankrupt studio.

    Life is Strange - an episodic descendant of point'n'click quests, on the contrary, saved her. Continued, perhaps consolidate success. This is the story of two brothers, Sean and Daniel, and its main theme is education. Playing for Sean will have to see how all the decisions made and the selected cues will affect the younger brother.

    As in the first part, the game will take place in the scenery of the American hinterland, with good music and with the intervention of supernatural abilities of one of the heroes.

    Devil may cry 5

    The fifth number part of the slasher Devil may cry, it seems, was invented to reconcile the split into two camps fandom.

    This is a long and muddy story (when you are familiar with such a surface, you always risk offending extremely immersed fans). In general, there are two boys. The first one is a classic demonic Japanese-style heartthrob with shoulder-length hair, parting par with such a serious face that even concrete blocks are to be pounded. He was a hero throughout the four parts, and everything was quiet until a branch of the main series - DMC - came out.

    There appeared a second kid, also handsome, but not demonic, not Japanese, and not with such a serious face.

    Well, wars started because of less.

    In this part there are both heroes, so that the fans either make up, or quarrel even more. Anger, if anything, will be where to take out - the action in the game is super furious. Take a giant monster, unleash and break their tall tower - it seems to be just a warm-up by the standards of Devil may cry.

    [ Updated : In Devil may cry 5 there will be not “the second kid”, but Nero from the fourth part.]

    Where else was the hero taking two motorcycles and fighting them instead of swords? Oh yes, in the Simpsons . But it does not count, there was everything.

    Assassins creed odyssey

    Ubisoft never regrets trailers, and at the exhibition in general carries them in whole packs. For Assassin's Creed Odyssey, they brought two cinematic clips - one for each playable character - and showed the battle with the jellyfish gorgon.

    After a mini-restart last year (which, they say, did a good job), the series looks more like an RPG than just an action game with parkour and towers. Here and flexible customization, and pumping, and extensive dialogues, and even the return of ship battles, almost like in Black Flag.

    The game, as already known, will be about the most interesting chapters of the section of Ancient Greece from school history textbooks. But according to the trailers, it seems that the authors were inspired by even more chewed sources from modern pop culture. In the frames there is a glimpse of the obligatory leap of Achilles-Breda-Pitt with a spear, as in the film “Troy”, and the slaughter in Slow-Mo a la Zach Snyder and his “300 Spartans”.

    With all the love of Assassin's Creed, it's hard not to admit that she completely ceases to be ashamed of herself. If 10 years ago it was an attempt to become Dan Brown from video games (which is the dumb and pop version of Umberto Eco), now it is no more than themed roller coasters from Disneyland.

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    The company From Software has become famous for making the whole world suffer. Their Dark Souls was so ruthlessly complex compared to modern games that it spawned a whole genre, which was called Souls-like. Hellishly difficult games with melee mechanics at the base. No matter how the company makes a new game, the fans don’t have to explain for a long time how it will be.

    “We take Dark Souls, we put it in the setting x , we fasten the mechanics y and z ” - and that's it, the essence is clear. So, Sekiro is Dark Souls in the setting of medieval Japan with stealth and jumps.

    Games THQ Nordic

    In recent years, there has been talk that the middle class has disappeared from the gaming industry. Only blockbusters remained for tens of millions and indie on the knee. On this wave, the so-called AA games began to be singled out - small, inexpensive, but conceptually and outwardly not too inferior to the neighbors from the highest league.

    One of the AA publishers is trying to become Nordic Games, which bought the remnants of a bankrupt THQ and became THQ Nordic. At Gamescom, the company held its conference.

    The heroine Darksiders 3 Rage - the ideal model for the box of an old video card . She runs with a whip and strikes demons. The game is made by people from the studio, which made the first two parts, so the fans should be calm.

    In the world of the game Biomutant there was an apocalypse, but on the ruins instead of raiders and ghouls live fighting jerboa live (probably they would be offended, like a raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy, when it was called a rabbit). Here, too, is a huge open world, a swing on huge pieces of iron, bellows and colorful graphics.

    Desperados 3 is a very old school tactical action game about the wild west. A classic cowboy duel from a cinematic trailer brings any situation from XCOM when things don’t go as planned.

    But the gameplay looks even older - the game is straight from the time of Jagged alliance.

    Metro exodus

    I have a special affection for the games of the Metro series - not so often the characters turn to you by their voice. Plus, this is the only interesting heir to the "Stalker".

    After reading the secret desires, the game got out of the cramped subway and returned to the dreary (in a good way) native spaces.

    Despite the fact that most of us have absorbed this melancholy of post-Soviet ruins in the courtyards since childhood, in the game it still causes trepidation. But the trailer for Gamescom by all means wants to evoke other impressions - at least from the children's camp horror stories.

    As mentioned earlier, the action of Metro Exodus will develop in a series of huge open locations. Here they show an abandoned pioneer camp "Sunny", and it looks like it is either an analogue of Ravenholm from Half-Life 2 (a small horror-intercept in an adventure game), or the game will turn into a horror movie every night. The change of time of day is dynamic there, and if one does not get out of the forest before dusk, one can become food for a pack of wolves or a mutant bear.

    Well, or cultists, where now without them.

    The dark pictures

    Studio Supermassive Games, known until the horror until Dawn, decided to make in their favorite genre, "let's divide" the whole anthology. And this time, not only for PS4 - PC with XBOX is also in the line of platforms.

    The gameplay seems to remain the same - almost the same as watching a horror movie, only sometimes you have to press buttons and make difficult decisions. For night parties with friends you can not imagine. Everyone shouts to you, “why are you going there,” and you realize that it’s not so easy to become a smart and lucky survivor in a youth horror movie.

    The first part of the anthology will be about ghosts on a sunken ship and a team of young divers who will surely separate and most likely die because of your fault.

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