MegaFon's iPad Air with LTE Support Launched

    Today in Russia, officially launched sales of the new iPad Air - the first iPad without serial numbering in the title. This is also the first iPad to support Russian LTE frequencies. On Habré there were already tests of the MegaFon LTE network in Moscow, however, I did not miss the chance to test its work myself - and it was on the brand new iPad Air.

    Surprisingly, my Xperia P on Tula catches so that when answering calls it is necessary to approach the window. And LTE on the iPad accelerated to absolutely gigantic, at the level of wired Internet, speeds:

    However, perhaps the fact is that at one in the morning the load on the network is minimal. However, at the height of the working day, even on Fridays, the situation is also impressive:

    And here is the results of measurements for the last day in different areas of the city - from Kaluga to Voikovskaya:

    The minimum result is on the Tretyakovskaya escalator. At the same time, in the LTE metro, and indeed the network does not catch far on all hauls, but it works properly at stations.

    According to the Telecom Daily study in August 2013, MegaFon’s 4G network is the fastest 4G network in Moscow and has the largest service area, covering not only the territory of the metropolis, but also the suburbs. No other operator can provide this yet.

    The official data of MegaFon are as follows:

    • the average data transfer rate in the current network in Moscow exceeds 20 Mb / s. This is 7 times higher than the average 3G speed - 3.2 Mb / s in July 2012
    • response speed (ping) is almost twice as fast as in 3G

    As a result, the demand for 4G-enabled devices will only grow. Already, 5% of all sales in MegaFon stores are smartphones with 4G, and in the online store of the company - all 8%. According to forecasts, in the 2-3 quarter of 2014 up to 50% of smartphones in the Russian market will have LTE support.

    Theoretically, the iPhone 5S / 5C also supports Russian LTE frequencies, but the real possibility of their work in 4G networks is currently blocked by the manufacturer. Technically, the MegaFon network is completely ready to accept new Apple smartphones, but the issue of supporting 4G networks is in the competence of the manufacturer.

    At the same time, the development of 4G favorably affects the current 3G network: with the expansion of the line of devices, consumers of "heavy" content will increasingly use 4G, freeing up resources for 3G, so that the speed in this segment will increase.


    To enjoy all the joys of LTE after purchasing an iPad Air or any other 4G device, you will need a 4G (USIM) nanoSIM MegaFon. If you already have microSIM with LTE support, then in the MegaFon salon it will be cut off for free. MegaFon’s data transfer services cost for 2G / 3G / 4G networks is the same, so it’s better to immediately connect one of the Internet options “ Internet S / M / L / XL ” (from 390 p. For 3 GB).

    You can change the option yourself by going from the tablet to the website - if you go through the mobile network, you will automatically be redirected to the subdomain of your branch, your number, tariff, connected options and account balance will be displayed. Very comfortably:


    If the subscriber uses the Internet S option and higher, then 4G is valid in the whole of Russia with the exception of the Far Eastern branch (where the subscriber will be charged per megabyte) without additional charges.

    The younger option “Internet XS” can also be expanded to the entire country by connecting to “ Internet in Russia ”. The exception is again only the Far Eastern branch and the Taimyr Autonomous Okrug (Norilsk), megabyte tariffing will also occur there.

    Currently, 4G coverage from MegaFon is available in 37 regions, where 32% of the country's population lives; while the network is constantly expanding. The current coverage area can be viewed on the website .

    The new generation iPad mini tablets will go on sale in a few weeks, and the iPad Air can already be purchased both in the Apple Store, as well as in MegaFon stores and online store .

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