Survey of programmers: do you work for foreign or domestic customers?

    Historically, a significant part of Russian (and exSSSR as a whole) programmers work in offshore programming. Why this happened is quite understandable - in the 90s, local companies writing their commercial products could be counted almost on the fingers of a hand.

    At the same time, the difference in the average salaries of programmers in those days between Russia and Western countries was so significant that it was probably only oil production that could be compared to exporting man-hours. In principle, this suited everyone - foreign customers received the product for less money, developers here - received significantly more money than engineers of other specializations. However, now the salary gap has narrowed significantly.

    I would like to understand: how stable is this situation in the long run? It all depends on what percentage of programmers works in the interests of foreign companies.

    Finally the survey itself

    If you do not work as a programmer, please do not vote, but just see the results.

    If you work as a programmer in the Russian branch of a foreign company ("development center" as it is sometimes called), and write software that this company uses around the world or sells - this is also considered "in the interests of a foreign company."

    If you work for yourself, on your projects and live in Russia or the countries of the former USSR - it means "in the interests of domestic customers."

    If you are freelancing, it depends on where you get most of the orders from.

    By domestic customers we mean all countries of the former USSR.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you work for foreign or domestic customers?

    • 43.7% I am a programmer and work in the interests of foreign customers 1714
    • 48.7% I am a programmer and work in the interests of domestic customers 1909
    • 7.5% I am a programmer and already live abroad 295

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