Transformation of an idea during the development of the Meople project

    Be smart at what you like!

    Like it or not, but to start any business you need this very idea. Even if not completely conscious at the very beginning, at the subconscious level. Usually the impetus for its appearance is the desire to do something convenient and useful, and in the case of a startup, also with your own brains and hands.
    So, in our case I wanted it just “for myself”. The idea of ​​an aggregator of any information (news, messages, etc.) is not new in itself. What about social media apps like this? Indeed, in modern life, it is rarely possible to get by with one account on the same network.
    According to research, more than 2.8 billion accounts are registered in social networks around the world. 4 out of 5 Internet users check their sources 1-2 times a day. About 60% of them have more than 2 active accounts and 2-3 that visit from time to time. And it seems to us that users are limited in performing cross-network operations.

    According to statistics that our project Meople.Net has already managed to collect , this is how the most popular combinations of social networks look like:

    If you have accounts in two networks, you need to open two windows in the browser, or two applications on the device. And here, sooner or later, the question of convenience arises. Plus, there are networks we visit more often and those to which our visit is not so frequent. But there may appear information that is very important for you, I want to at least be in the know.
    So I wanted to make being in several social networks as convenient as possible.
    And then the idea was transformed into a project that allows you to accumulate and manage information received and transmitted from one social network to another. This implements the ability to operate with information for us, as for users.

    Our social media aggregator Meople.Net- This is a convenient application for social networks. The user receives an entrance directly to his account without transferring data to a third-party resource and this already guarantees security at the usual level. The functionality of the capabilities is determined by the parameters of the API social networks, at present it is practically no different from native applications. But in addition to this, we tried to supplement the user's capabilities with some unique functions.

    Reshare - transfer news from one network to another, of your choice.

    Cross-post - placing your information simultaneously in all the tapes of the networks to which you are connected or in any of your choice

    Favorites - creating a filter of priority information sources

    Matching- search for your friends' accounts or corporate resources in all networks at once.


    We believe that the user should have the right to choose the most convenient way for him to manage his resources in social networks. And the Meople.Net aggregator is an information panel that accumulates information from various sources in a user-friendly way.

    This is how our idea of ​​a convenient space for social networks was transformed into a Meople.Net aggregator application. Yes, this is not a revolutionary product. But it is as friendly and user friendly as possible. And it actually facilitates the process of multi-network communication. For the future, its versions are being prepared for Android and IOS systems. And yet, we hope that as a result of the development of the project, our platform will become sufficiently stable that will allow it to be freely available for all developers who are interested in this topic.

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