About work for uncle

    Recently, much has been said about work / unemployment for an uncle. I’ll also insert my 5 kopecks.
    Suppose you are raising your beloved child. Put your soul into his upbringing. Give him a few hours daily. Question: Can you also raise someone else's child?

    I worked in two small companies, where dinner was prepared by the "grandmother two floors above." It was evident that the grandmother was good. He knows how to cook. And the granddaughter spoils, probably, every day with delicious food. She cooked well, but without a soul, and it was obvious ...

    Last year I get up at 7 a.m., go to bed at 12 a.m., I devote the rest of my time to my business. I work on projects that I like, I put my soul and all my free time into them. But I have never worked for uncle as much. Why?

    The reasons, of course, are motivation. You always know your place with your uncle, and you know that you can be kicked out at any moment, and the project will continue its life without you. You will only have the experience gained on the project (which is also good, of course).

    Imagine that you are raising your child ... Put your soul into his upbringing. Give him a few hours daily. And when a child turns 16 they come and take him into slavery ... would you like it? I don’t ...

    So, when working for an uncle you should completely turn off the emotional component - remember: you are a professional who sells his time and receives for this money. You should not care what will happen to the project in the future, your task is to carry out your work efficiently and on time.

    That is why, if uncle suddenly does not give you a job - do not worry. After all, if he does not have a job for you - this is not your problem, you should still get your salary.

    Once I worked for a company that at some point could not find me a job for a month or two: I read the news, forums, did nonsense and got paid. Then I realized that this is a degradation and went into a company that loaded me 120%, without at all rewarding these 20%.

    But still, I did not have that motivation to work for my uncle, which I remembered from working for myself. And in the evenings I began to do my project. The project was growing, and in one evening I did more than one day at work. In the end, I realized that I can no longer deceive myself: after all, I work for my uncle 2 times worse than for myself and created my own business.

    Over the past year I have done a tremendous amount of work, which would hardly have been done by two hired employees, because I work a lot. And I know that if I stop working, at the end of the month, a good uncle will not bring me a salary ... And that no one will pay me a vacation. And that no one will protect me from business risks.
    I just build my projects and invest in the future. IN YOUR future.

    Summarizing all of the above:

    If you work for an uncle with a soul, and you like everything - you should not change anything.
    If you do something for yourself with a soul (it doesn’t matter what: repair in an apartment, a website, dig a bed, etc.), but for an uncle without a soul, i.e. purely formal, you are fooling yourself. You are either not doing your job, or you need to leave.

    Think about how much you lose in life working for an uncle, although during this same time you could do a huge amount of work for yourself.

    Sweet Life OFF:
    Frankly: not everyone can work for themselves and be financially successful. An ordinary performer will have to become a marketer, learn how to communicate with people, gain leadership skills. And take a chance. And fall. And rise again. Draw conclusions. And don't give up. But most will still be losers. This is statistics, her mother ...


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