Cheat sheet of excuses for failed customers

    It so happens that agreements on joint work are reached, the customer already wants to see "some sketches" before prepayment, the lawyers are swapping to comment on the contract, but at the very last moment the customer is "breaking down".

    Despite the fact that they called, they themselves came to the studio, admired the presented concept and donated ideas.

    Based on the experience of the studios in which I worked, as well as the experience of our colleagues, we compiled a shield list of what such “customers” say:

    1. Our priorities have changed, the project has been postponed indefinitely. We will definitely call you, be fully prepared.

    2. Here again, the head of the marketing department has changed, a new three more months will be up to date, she is not up to the site.

    3. We have a new PR director here, so he already has his own contractors. By the way, will you forward your concept of the project, tomorrow they will have just a meeting?

    4. We did another market research here. The cost of your offer is many times higher than what competitors offer. They called us from Prognozhenie LLC (as an option: Interbred Center, Wiring), they generally offer a website as a gift! Yes, thank you for having so clearly and thoroughly set out the vision of the project in the commercial proposal.

    5. Oh, we took a new girl here to deal with the Internet, and she told the director that the sites actually cost 500 bucks. The director wants to reduce the price by three times, and also wants a detailed estimate, to the last nail.

    6. The management decided to do everything on their own. The IT director translates everything to .NET, we took the programmers. By the way, can I give your phone to our programmer, he wants to consult.

    7. We have a new consultant, he introduces a corporate culture, conducts teambuilding and optimizes costs. He told the board of directors that all budgets can be safely reduced by 3 times. The budget for the sites was cut 5 times, if you are still interested, send the offer again.

    8. The owner of the company told the general that the site would be the company of the wife of his friend. They will call you if you do not mind?

    9. Oh, it turned out that we don’t have a resolution of the head of the AHCh, and we need it on all agreements

    What should a studio manager do?

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