Educational resources and materials on open data

    If a couple of years ago, many officials, journalists, developers in conversations about open data asked what it is, then recently the situation has begun to change and improve.

    There were no less questions - they became different. For example, over the past 3 months I have been making regular lectures at the Open Data School, at events of non-profit organizations, conferences and as part of training programs for civil servants.

    In all cases, there are features:
    • nonprofits almost always lack resources and complain about the lack of developers
    • civil servants rarely know how to program themselves and most often say that they use computers only as typewriters
    • developers rarely know where to get data and most often ask questions on this topic

    And in all cases there are always many questions about how open data differs from freedom of access to information , what open licenses are and why they are needed, as well as what projects are created on open data.

    All this was as an introduction, and as a development, we have put together a small list of educational and enlightenment projects in this area that may be of interest to everyone. All selected courses are free and open.

    Open data

    School of Data (OKF)

    School of data from the Open Knowledge Foundation. The first school is dedicated to open data. Many online courses in webinar formats.

    School of Open Data (Infoculture)

    The school goes during 2013 offline. All lectures are recorded on video and laid out online.
    The school studies issues of data openness, definitions, legislation, data visualization, technological aspects such as SPARQL and the Semantic Web.
    To date, 7 events have been held, 6 lectures have already been published.

    Youtube Channel School

    Free licenses

    School of Openness from P2P University

    Learning about openness practices at the School of Openness.

    A total of 19 courses on open licenses, open science, Creative Commons, writing Wikipedia articles, and more.


    Open Educational Resource University

    Learning the concept of open educational resources, copywriting and Creative Commons licenses to achieve a more sustainable education for all.

    Link: Open Content Licensing for Educators


    Capitol Words API

    An example of a course on working with the API on open data from the Sunlight Foundation and on their project Capitol Words based on the analysis of speeches of congressmen and senators. The course is indicative of how to do open API courses.
    Link: Course on Codeacademy

    Undoubtedly, there are much more courses, including free ones. I invite everyone to share links to those that you know and which directly relate to the topic of open data.

    Also popular now: