Google will link phone number and photo from Google+

    According to the record of one of the Android engineers Atilla Bodis, his team works to improve the functionality of the regular dialer of the system: in particular, at the very beginning of next year, a photo from the Google+ account will be associated with the phone number, which, according to the idea, should positively affect the comfort of the participants in the conversation.

    In fact, the point is that if a person has a verified phone number, for example, for two-factor authentication (you can find out here ) on Google, then all the recipients of his calls will see a photo from the corresponding Google+ account, if with the contact already no other image is associated.

    At the moment, it is not entirely clear whether the connection of the number with Google+ is set by default (there isthe opinion that this will be so) so that the functionality of “find a person with this phone number on Google+” is not affected. Or, obviously, an appropriate option should appear in the account settings with the ability to prohibit the sharing of photos and phone numbers. Whether the latest version of Android KitKat will be required for the new “feature” or not is also unclear.

    Now KitKat already has something similar: when calling from an unknown subscriber, Android will try to determine it through the Google Maps database, if it is registered with any company.

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