Anti-Piracy Manifesto on the Concept of a New Public Digital Copyright Treaty


    Celebrating the year since the introduction of censorship on the Internet , the Pirate Party of Russia held a press conference on a number of topical issues, including summarizing the application of new laws on blocking sites on the Internet, and identifying further ways to reform copyright.

    temych presented the results of the annual monitoring of the application of the Law №139-FZ (the law of black lists) for all time the existence of the registry, and №187-FZ (antipiracy law), and also talked about what worked RosKomSvoboda all this year, and what results have been achieved.

    In addition, the Anti-Piracy Manifesto was presented on the concept of a new public copyright treaty in the digital age..

    To many netizens today, it is obvious that copyright is in a deep crisis due to a serious technological leap in the development of file-sharing technologies. In accordance with the declared manifesto, the PPR offered its vision of how to amnesty millions of potential offenders and criminals, and set a course for non-commercial file sharing between users to be considered piracy, as the official doctrine accepted by the Kremlin and copywriters today considers.

    The manifest states that it is necessary to recognize as legal private non-commercial file sharing on the Web and to expand the concept of free use of works for personal non-commercial purposes (fair use) ,legislatively consolidate the effect of free licenses in Russia (Creative Commons and General Public License), reduce copyright term: minimum program - up to 50 years from the date of the author’s death, maximum program - up to 15-20 years from the date of publication of the work , prohibit the use of DRM , as well as submit to public discussion a number of other equally important proposals. In the future, on its basis will be presented a more detailed concept of reforming copyright in the digital age.

    The manifesto and the concept are discussed at the PPR forum , where everyone is invited to offer their edits, share their opinions or make criticisms. Some theses of the manifesto will form the basiscreated by API and PPR video .

    Anyone who wants to actively participate in the on-line working group to create a new concept for copyright reform is a welk!

    Upon completion, the concept will be transmitted through friendly deputies of the Communist Party and the pirate lobby to the State Duma, the Presidential Administration and relevant departments with a view to further implementation of the bill.

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