Six rules for effective management of promotion and "lead generation" using social media

For many, social media promotion is an optional line of business to traditional customer search channels. I would like to shed light on this misconception and talk about the six golden rules of effective “lead generation” when promoting in social media.

Effective management of social media promotion will expand the list of potential customers, and based on the results of a study of their activity, sales volumes can be significantly increased, which is why all social channels are fertile ground for “lead generation,” because you cannot put all your eggs in one basket. The key point in this is only an erroneous commitment to using any one of the social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or VK, because the audience of the selected network seems richer to you, or because of the simple reluctance to hear your consumer.
Time spent on promotion in social media always gives results that exceed even your wildest expectations. Few marketers now take social media promotion seriously. For many, this line of business is optional to traditional customer search channels. Using the six golden rules of effective “lead generation” when promoting in social media, I want to shed light on this misconception.

Rule number 1: work with each client individually

Make your brand attractive for promotion on social media, and for this, stop taking yourself too seriously. It should be obvious to you that social media allows you to work with each client individually.

Rule number 2: Use various combinations of marketing methods

You do not need to be limited only to the methods of “outbound marketing” (exhibitions, series of seminars, acquired email lists, internal cold calls, telemarketing and advertising). Combine them with the methods of "inbound marketing", which allow you to get new customers through social networks, the blogosphere, as well as search engines. Do not underestimate the paid opportunities for promoting your business through contextual advertising.

Rule number 3: Set up attractive content production

You must have good content and solid trading offers. Without a well-established production of attractive content, any methods you use are likely to be doomed to failure. With the help of "inbound marketing", customers themselves will generate new attractive content for you.

Rule number 4: Clearly define what you want from your audience.

You need a persistent call to action. A persistent call to action is a proven methodology that is important not only in social media, but in other areas (television, radio, newspapers, magazines). Clearly define what you want to get from your audience after reviewing your offer on the website or after drawing attention to your brand.

Rule number 5: Create only valuable trading offers for the client

Always add value to your selling propositions. In the end, if you do not provide any value to your potential and real customers, then you get costs in social networks that will never work for you. Here is a simple test: put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and ask what is valuable in your offer from their point of view. If your offer does not have any value for them, then you can start creating an offer again.

Rule number 6: Promotion in social media is always a two-way street!

Never forget that social media promotion is always a two-way street! When interacting with customers, always respond quickly and sincerely. Confidently send your messages using various combinations of key phrases and sentences. Never forget to maintain communication lines in both directions. Exchange information not only with those who actively say “Yes” to your trading offers, and is a loyal customer. The main thing is to do it sincerely, with pleasure and humor.
Without regard to anything, you must create your own content that people want to interact with (share, like or comment), and you must create it sequentially and as often as possible.

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