RIAA and BPI anti-piracy infringers copyright creators of popular jQuery scripts

    Yes, more than once it has already happened that the most fierce opponents of any violations, in fact, turned out to be not so “clean” before the law. This happens, and often, with fighters against corruption (in any country), and now with those who fight not for life but for death with copyright infringers, while violating someone else’s rights. Closer to the point: RIAA and BPI removed copyrights of script creators used on the websites of these organizations. At the same time, of course, the rights of the authors of these scripts were violated.

    So, the sites of these organizations operate using third-party jQuery scripts distributed under the MIT license. This license provides for permission to use the software in any form, by any organizations and persons, under one single condition: preservation of copyright script. Both the RIAA and BPI neglected this license, removing copyright.

    In the case of BPI, we are talking about the jQuery.tmpl.min.js script.

    This is how the script code with copyrights should look:

    And here it is on the organization’s website:

    Regarding RIAA, this organization did the same with the image slider script, jquery.orbit .min.js. The creator of the script is the company ZURB , whose copyrights music group RIAA has successfully deleted.

    This is what the script with copyrights should look like:

    And this is how it looked so far on the organization’s website:

    After a request from journalists, asking them to comment on the situation, RIAA representatives promised to deal with the situation. After a while, copyright was added .

    BPI representatives did not answer, but it seems that copyrights have also been restored .

    It is clear that this is not so hot a violation, it goes without saying that the leadership of both groups has never heard of any such jQuery scripts. But, as they say, ignorance of the law does not exempt from responsibility, to which these same organizations often appeal.

    Via torrentfreak

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