Presentations with SPIK

    SPIK is long gone. Presentations of speakers are available on the official website:

    I, in turn, upload them all in one archive for convenience (20.8 Mb):

    Investing in the St. Petersburg Internet: tips Investors and Startups
    Internet Bourgeois - Andrey Ryabykh

    What Can Money Online?
    Naila Zamashkina - MoneyMail

    7 rules of successful sites
    Leonid Rumyantsev -

    Usability. Where to begin?
    Dmitry Filev - UsabilityLab

    Risks Associated with Domain Loss
    Andrey Vorobyov - RU-center

    Gaining Independence on the Internet: Getting and Using Your Own Independent Address Block and Autonomous System
    Maxim Tulev - NetAssist

    Integrated Touch Solutions
    Alexander Tagaev - DIALTOUCH
    Igor Petrushikhin - TRINET

    Internet Broadcasting in the Entertainment Industry
    Pavel Frolov - SunRadio

    Online & Offline Network Earnings
    Roman Yushko - TRINET

    Compatibility with search engines: why it is needed and how to achieve it
    Mikhail Kozlov - Ashmanov and Partners

    Forming an opinion on the Internet
    Alexey Dovzhikov - TRINET

    Principles of viral marketing on the Internet
    Alexey Saminsky

    Relationship Customer-Contractor in the market of search engine optimization (SEO) services
    Roman Yushko - TRINET The

    evolution of contextual advertising
    Alexey Romanenkov - CJSC Begun

    Corporate blogs: how they work and how they can be useful
    Alexey Novikov - Made

    USABILITY-DESIGN: how NOT to spoil everything with from the very beginning
    Artem Moshkov - SPBNET

    Global Internet investment trends
    Svetlana Shevtsova -

    Positive Internet investment experience
    Dmitry Rudakov - Reksoft

    How to make money on domains
    Pavel Khramtsov -

    online catalog
    Afonina Hope -

    From NT to Vista: Network Security?
    Alexey Belkin - Agnitum Outpost

    Media Waves
    Sergey Kotyrev - UMI Studio

    Display Advertising 2007: Global Trends and Local Perspectives
    Evgeny Verveiko - AdMedia

    Petersburg Advertising Platforms: Ambition and Reality
    Natalya Kuryleva - Media Cartel

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