Clock? Telephone? Player? Mobile phonewatch M500

    The Australian company SMS Technology introduced a completely new type of device. Network sources call the device “the smallest mobile phone in the world” and pathetically proclaim “the end of the 58-year wait,” referring to the first appearance of such devices in the popular 50s Dick Tracy series . Meet: mobile phonewatch - mobile phone clocks.

    - Quad-band cellular GSM850 / 900/1800 / 1900Mhz (GPRS);
    - SMS and MMS, Java and WAP;
    - memory: 128MB, built-in (sorry, there is no support for cards :);
    - 1.5-inch screen with a resolution of 120 x 160;
    - multimedia: support for MP3 and AAC, MP4 video playback;
    - touchscreen with stylus included;
    - Bluetooth 2.0
    - USB - for data transfer and device charging;
    - battery: 400mAh, talk time 200 minutes, standby time 80 hours;
    - weight 60 grams, color - silver or black;
    - software: time / date, last number dialing, list of recently made calls, file manager, 199 contacts, multilingualism, e-mail;
    - accessories: USB travel adapter, Bluetooth headset, additional battery.
    Cost $ 827.84, delivery within 45 days from the date of order.
    Deliveries began on May 30, it is already possible to take turns. It is not yet clear who can become the buyer of such devices. Will there be such geeks on the planet who are ready to conduct conversations with friends whose voice comes from a watch?

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