Google Barge is the company's product showroom

    About a week ago, information appeared on the Internet about a certain barge located in the San Francisco Bay, which they began to associate with the search giant. It was argued that the barge could be Google's floating data center or a peculiar future store for Google Glass glasses.

    Today, CBS journalists sorted out the mysterious barge, without referring, however, to any direct information from the bowels of Google itself. However, their explanations seem plausible.

    The Google Barge turned out to be a special project, initiated by the Google X secret projects laboratory, and which, according to rumors, is personally supervised by Sergey Brin. The purpose of the barge is to be a kind of luxurious showroom for the presentation of Google X products. The unusual place is due to the fact that the place should be “for the elite” and, on the other hand, be a kind of answer to easily recognizable Apple stores.

    The barge’s premises are built from a “designer”, whose “bricks” are 40-foot (about 12 meters) containers for transporting goods, which can be assembled, as required by the designers ’idea. The first three floors will be reserved just for exhibition halls with elegant design, and the upper floors for bars, verandas and other places where you can have fun.

    Curiously, officials (such as San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee or Coast Guard officers) also observe a mysterious silence regarding the barge, although the latter have already managed to inspect the ship.

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