Watching movies at home: 10 materials about building a home theater and choosing equipment

    This is a selection of articles from our Hi-Fi World blog . There are materials that will help you build a decent home theater and prepare a room for it. Under the cut - a little about TVs, tips on acoustic correction and the rules of placement of speakers.

    Photo: a large cinema in the showroom "Audiomania"

    How to choose home theater equipment

    • We build a home theater: the choice of acoustics, its installation and configuration . We give practical advice on the choice of speakers for the movie. Also, the material describes common mistakes made when placing equipment — placing the side speakers close to the viewer, setting the speakers parallel to the walls of the room and excessively expanding the viewing area. We will tell how to avoid them, and give a scheme that can be followed by arranging the acoustics.

    • HDMI 2.1 on the way: what you need to know . We answer the main questions about HDMI 2.1: why we need a new standard, how it differs from its predecessors and whether it will be necessary to update the HDMI cable by purchasing a TV with technology support. Among the advantages of new items is the ability to transmit 4K-signal at speeds up to 120 Hz and support for monitors with a dynamic update rate.

    • What to buy: LCD TV or OLED TV? Detailed comparison . Article educational program about the main differences between LCD and OLED technologies. We compare all the important characteristics: from image quality and cost to fragility and the level of noise generated. New in the material can be found as avid fans of technology, and less experienced users, choosing a new TV for the home.

    • OLED or QLED: which technology is better . The difference in the name is one letter, but the device is different in a radical way. In this compact analysis we will shed light on the possibilities of OLED and QLED TV screens; tell about the pros and cons; and present the final verdict in the opinion of the thematic portal “What Hi-Fi?”.

    How to make room

    • Installation of ceiling speakers for the surrounding formats do it yourself . Illustrated installation guide for Dolby Atmos ceiling speakers. The article describes the whole process: from the planning stage to the final setup of the equipment. You will learn how to find ceiling beams with the help of magnets, correctly arrange the acoustics, as well as select and stretch cables. Although the original article was written for an American reader who is setting up a private home, it will also be useful to those who live in an apartment. However, in this case, the room should have a suspended ceiling of plasterboard.

    • Room acoustics: the foundation . The first of two articles on the preparation of the room for the placement of the audio system. Consider the installation of an insulating ceiling, additional walls and doors, as well as the "bevel" of the corners of the room. There is in the article and information for those who are not ready for such decisive actions. We are talking about sealing adjacent rooms and sound correction using acoustic foam rubber. In the end we will analyze the principles of furniture arrangement, which will help reduce the amount of extraneous noise.

    Photo: a large cinema in the showroom "Audiomania"

    • Room acoustics: furniture . The second part of the series describes in more detail how to improve the acoustics of a room without an overhaul. Consider the different types of diffusers and sound absorbers. There are recommendations for those who want to improve the acoustics of the room with improvised means.

    • Tips from THX: how to get everything from a home theater . Recommendations for installing and configuring a home theater from THX Technical Director Scott Francis (Scott Francis). He told how to choose a place under the speakers, what mistakes are easy to make when placing the speaker system and how to adjust the screen, taking into account the lighting. As an illustration, various speaker layouts are given: in 5.1, 7.1, Dolby True HD and DTS HD Master Audio formats.

    • Room acoustics, tips and tweaks . The cure for acoustic perfectionism. The author argues that the correct placement of the speakers is often more important than the acoustic characteristics of the room itself. And in order to achieve a decent sound, it is enough to "process" only the most problematic areas. In the article you will learn how to define these zones and what to do with them.

    • We build a home theater: acoustic treatment of the room . Choose a room for home theater. The author examines the features and disadvantages of different home spaces: from an acoustically suitable but unsightly basement to a living room. Attention is paid to room acoustics and less obvious factors, such as the accumulation of heat from equipment.

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