Review of the battery case for Nexus 4 from Mugen Power

    In this review, the battery case is considered more from a user point of view. Figures and pictures will be, but not so much. There will be much more impressions and some not quite obvious revelations.

    For those who are interested in a battery case for Nexus 4 or other batteries from Mugen Power - I ask for a cut *.

    <kdpv> * under the cut three and a half thousand letters, four photos, three of which were made on the inferior iPod camera, and half of the screenshot from the nexus Overview:image

    Packing & Shipping

    When ordering, the cover is sent from Hong Kong, one of the available shipping options. In my case, the cover was sent by Russian Post, which, despite the already established opinion about it, showed its best side and delivered the package not in 2-3 months, but in 3 weeks.
    A cover came in a yellow envelope familiar to parcel recipients from China. Inside is a package that protects the case from the above mail. The packaging (both the envelope and the plastic box) can be opened without scissors without any problems.

    Phone mount

    The case covers the phone with a thin hem in the corners, the correct cutouts are made for all buttons, a microphone and a mini-jack. Only the cutout for the microUSB port is thin, which makes it possible to connect not all cables. If the “non-native” cable is a little thicker - it is no longer inserted until the “characteristic click”. Which is forgivable, given that when charging from a third-party source, the cover function is maximum decorative and protective.
    Cutouts were made through the entire thickness of the cover - under the camera with a flash, and a thin cutout for the speaker. Chamber, which is expected, cover does not interfere with (on the contrary, visor dobavlyaetet like a steep lens ), the sound from the speaker is almost not distorted, except that, it becomes a little tube-like softer.

    And now the promised revelation. Until I got the cover in my hands, I did not think about how, in fact, the cover charges the phone. Nexus-compatible wireless charging? Small hidden microUSB on a loop?
    TA-dah! Why hide.
    But if you think about it, this is the best option. Wireless charging entails big losses, and a small loop would make it difficult to charge another phone. Yes, not only the Nexus 4 can be charged from the case for the Nexus 4.


    The first impression of the cover itself is that it is very pleasant to the touch, soft-touch plastic, combined with rounded edges. As an added bonus, almost no fingerprints are visible on the case. And for dessert - during the week spent by the cover in the company of keys and a wallet in one pocket of a work bag, not a single scratch was noticed on the surface of the plastic.
    The second impression is the impressive dimensions, which, however, do not interfere so much as it seemed from the photographs. For its size, the case is quite lightweight. Attached to the phone tightly, without gaps and backlashes, so this design looks pretty monolithic.

    Charging and battery specifications

    The purpose of this review was not to make accurate laboratory measurements; therefore, all figures were obtained experimentally. The phone was discharged, for example, using Ingress, then it was charged from the case - during use and during rest.

    The battery cover is enough for two charges of the phone (in standby mode), which is quite logical, despite the fact that the claimed capacity of the battery cover is more than two times the declared capacity of the phone battery. Apparently, this is “more than”, made to compensate for energy consumption, if the phone is not turned off during charging, but is in standby mode or even doing something.

    From the moment when the phone is completely discharged and the cover is fully charged, until the moment when the phone shows 100% charge, it takes about 4.5 - 5 hours. If you use the phone at this time, the charging time increases, but I still could not create the conditions under which the charge of the phone decreased during charging. So, theoretically, the case can really support the life of the phone in normal mode until it sits down by itself.

    Personal impressions

    The main, most important impression is that this battery case cannot be regarded as a case. Then it turns out that this is a huge block wrapping around your phone, which makes the device large and less convenient. Not. This is primarily an external battery. And then this is a damn convenient battery, which is very well tailored to your phone specifically and does not create inconvenience during use, since it is attached directly to the phone, leaving all functions available.

    Case for review provided by the manufacturer .

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