Look: Android vs iOS

    What can be called from the competitive advantages of iOS over Android? A more presentable appearance and a good wrap in every detail. For example, on the lock screen, Android offers typical fonts, while iOS offers volumetric image elements and a font called Helvetica.


    Mobile devices have firmly entered the life of a modern person, so the release of a new version of a mobile operating system causes a wave of interest both among specialists and ordinary users. On various sites you can find dozens of articles, and hundreds of comments that describe the innovations, advantages and disadvantages of the OS.

    So, for example, an article “ Android vs iOS ” was published on the website of the business newspaper “Vzglyad” yesterday , in which the director of the analytical department of United Traders, Mikhail Krylov, very clearly explains by personal example the meaning of such idiomatic expressions as “cereal in the head” and “heard a ringing but don’t know where he is. ”

    After reading the above article, you can get an idea of ​​the criteria by which people far from IT compare mobile operating systems. And what sediment remains in their minds after Apple's presentations.

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