Google+ personalized URLs

    The social network Google+ has the ability to get personal URLs for your profile page. Earlier, on August 13, this opportunity was announced for the pages of brands and famous personalities. Now any user can personalize the URL, but you can’t choose the address itself, Google+ offers a generated address of the form (Cyrillic is fully supported).

    Users will be notified of a new feature by e-mail. To get a custom URL, you must accept the terms of useand confirm your mobile phone number (if it has not been linked to your account before). The terms of use, including the paragraph “Now personalized URLs are free, but we can begin to charge a fee for them.”, Which suggests the search on Google+ for new ways to monetize.

    Similar functionality has been on VKontakte since 2010, and on Facebook since 2009. At the same time, at different times, these social networks imposed different restrictions (in terms of the number of subscribers, popularity of pages, etc.) on the possibility of a change, but users could always choose the address themselves.

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