We again had a need to learn the opinion of Habra users regarding the publication of the book " RESTful Web APIs ".



    The popularity of REST (presentation state transfer) technology in recent years has led to an incredible increase in the number of APIs that can be called "almost-RESTful", as they do not use many of the architectural advantages of this approach. By following this tutorial, you will learn how to create user-friendly RESTful APIs that can evolve over time. This book, which focuses on such solutions that find application in several subject areas at once, will help you create powerful and reliable applications using tools developed for the most successful distributed system on the planet: the World Wide Web.

    You will become familiar with the concepts underlying REST, learn about the various hypermedia APIs and get a complete understanding of how web APIs are created with the transfer of presentation state.

    • Explore API design strategies, in particular, the pattern of working with collections and a purely hypermedia approach;
    • Learn how hypermedia connects views into a consistent API.
    • Explore how the XMDP and ALPS profile formats help you cope with the semantic challenge observed in the web API.
    • Learn about twenty standardized hypermedia data formats;
    • apply proven methods of working with HTTP in implementations of the API;
    • Build web APIs using the JSON-LD standard and other approaches that enable the use of related data.
    • Learn the CoAP protocol for using REST in embedded systems.

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