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    One fine sunny day, I finished working on my application and decided to post it on Google Play. The application is an ordinary dice game, nothing criminal, no games for game or real money, just a couple of types of dice for two people or with AI. It was decided to create 2 versions, free and paid - without ads and with additional bonuses. Both applications were moderated without incident and appeared on Google Play. I was already happy and began to mentally prepare for the purchase of a yacht, like Abramovich’s, but it wasn’t there.

    A couple of hours after the application is posted, I receive a letter from Google:
    Letter 1

    Koreans did not like the game. There is not a hint of any kind of cash games or chips, but still they decided to block it. Moreover, only the paid version, no one touches the free one at all, although the differences are minimal there. For me it was, of course, sad, because Korea is a large market for selling games on Android, but oh well, you can understand them, even though my game is not for money, but comes under the imitation of gambling. Although such gambling in the sea market, both paid and free, in some even play inside the game currency, bought for real, and nothing - hundreds of thousands of races and places in the tops at the request of "dice", "slots", "casino" and etc.

    If this all ended, I would have calmed down and forgot this sad event, but the vicious, specially trained Koreans decided so simply not to let me go.

    After about 18 hours, I received a new letter of the following content:
    Letter 2

    We look at this article, namely section 2

    Article 23 (Restrictions on Collecting Personal Information)
    (1) No information and communications service provider shall collect the personal information, including ideology, belief and medical record, etc., which is likely to excessively infringe upon the right, interest and privacy of the relevant user; provided, however, that the same shall not apply where the consent of the user is obtained or the subject of collecting personal information is specified in other acts.
    (2) Any information and communications service provider shall, when it collects the personal information of users, collect the minimum information necessary to render the information and communications services. It shall not refuse the relevant services on the grounds that the user does not provide any other personal information than the necessary minimum information.

    According to Google, my application collects some kind of NRRN, which is prohibited in Korea, where the application is already blocked almost immediately after moderation. The funny thing is that in the paid version of the game, which even after blocking the Koreans continue to torment them like that, there is no advertising at all, nor authorization anywhere, and I have been using all connected assets for a long time, like other tens, if not hundreds of thousands of users Unity and they did not cause any such problems.
    Unless the Unity3D developers decided to insidiously use my application and collect this NRRN from a couple of Koreans who might ever buy my game to send Dr. Evil to underground laboratories, and then demand a million dollars for them.

    As a result, no one touched the free version, and the paid one is blocked. I still did not understand the reasons for blocking, because the game does not collect any data, there simply is nothing to collect them there. In addition to the code that I wrote, the game has an asset for localization, which checks the system language to establish the appropriate one in the game. And also google ads and google play services asset files , which remained from the free version and were not cleaned up for the release of the paid version. But in any case, all these 3 plugins have been used by me for a long time, and not only by me, but also by many Unity developers. And there were no complaints.
    And now I'm at a crossroads. Either accept and say sadly
    okay google

    Either trying for good luck to fill the same application completely without services in one language, it will blow, although who knows where they found the collection of this NRRN and whether there really is a reason in these assets, because there have been no complaints about them. Or write in support of Google, although after reading this article how Google simply bans the entire account after contacting their support, the desire has disappeared.
    I stopped at the first step. Suddenly, if I click "No", Google will "finish" what has been started and send the entire account to the ban.

    Here is such a sad and unsophisticated story.
    Has anyone encountered this, or guesses what is the reason for such a violation?

    UPD: After appealing, after 7 hours I received the following response:
    Hidden text

    UPD2: Got a response from the author of the plugin for localization :
    Hidden text
    I doubt that it has anything to do with get system language. That's only a mapping between Unity's Application.systemLanguage and our AvailableCultures.xml file. Anything else in the plugin is just manipulating text, we are not logging any personal data whatsoever.

    Hope that answers your question.

    Who cares to look at my malicious application - link in the comments .

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