COLT 1.2.4 released with support for LESS / SASS, CoffeeScript

    A new version of COLT was released, in which we fixed a large number of errors (thanks to bug reporters!) And added support for LESS / SASS , as well as CoffeeScript . Now, when changing styles to LESS / SASS, as well as CoffeeScript code, the changes will be delivered to the application without overload and loss of state.

    A big request to the community is to test livecoding for CoffeeScript and go through their cases. Please send ideas and bug reports to our tracker .

    The other day we will add TypeScript support and improve CoffeeScript support - pre-compile scripts in the Live phase will be supported.

    In our immediate plans ( thanks to this survey ) add support for COLT / JS forIDEA / Webstorm and SublimeText .

    And in the ActionScript version, we are working on support for MXML and the FB plugin. ( We released the latest AS versions for IDEA and FlashDevelop last week.)

    Send bug reports to our tracker .

    You can download the new version on our website

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