We play planning poker online!

    If you work on SCRUM and you have a distributed team, then you probably thought about automating the poker planning process. Of course, playing real cards is cool, but their electronic replacement can provide many additional benefits, for example, integration with an existing project in Team Foundation Service. Moreover, you can already look at the preliminary version of the project http://agileplanning.ru/ .


    The idea of ​​this project is quite simple. We register on the site:

    And add a new development team to the profile:

    After which we can configure the necessary parameters (deck type, etc.):

    It is also interesting that you can load backlogs from other sources (so far only TFS is supported)


    After everything is set up, you can start planning:

    Send out invitations to the team members:

    All your plans will be displayed in the team profile, and you can return to what you stopped at any time, or just see what and when your team planned

    What's next?

    The project has just started, and the development team represented by kadralievr will be glad to any of your feedback.

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