One week in the life of Ekaterinburg hackspace MakeItLab

    Despite the fact that more than two months have already passed since the idea of ​​this post, we still decided to finish it and publish it before the end of the year. The idea was simple - to show in the pictures one week (or a little more) of the life of our hackspace MakeItLab.

    I will remind, on October 16, at 01:08 - the first publication about MakeItLab on a hub appeared . Next Saturday (October 19), a meeting was scheduled with participants from Yekaterinburg, who were interested in the Hackspace movement. Partly from this, the end of that week, and the rest of it, were extremely eventful.

    So let's get started.

    Saturday (October 19th)

    On open day there were 12 people. Of course there were more who wanted, but for a room of 26 square meters - this is almost the limit.

    On the same day, in the evening, we received from one of our fellow linguists a translation of Mitch Altman ’s talk about hackspace.

    In fact, translations are another of our useful activities. There are many great tutorials, courses, and other informative information in English. For example, now we are translating courses for Snap!

    Sunday (October 20)

    An offline meeting of the CoolRF home automation project (an element of a smart home) took place.

    At the meeting, very interesting components were demonstrated, including: an RGB-controlled lamp (glowing red in the background), Vyacheslav Anisimov’s CoolRF project, and other interesting things. Actually the main emphasis was just on the "smart dimmer" Vyacheslav.

    After the party was over, they began to collect the Fritz robotic head.

    If anyone is interested, we accept orders :) A very interesting thing happened, but more on that later ...

    Finally, on the same day, we prepared and published a questionnaire for the hackspace participants. We consider participants to be those who are ready to attend this institution and do their projects in it, while helping in every way.

    Monday (October 21)

    In the evening, one of our 3D-printers took part in an unusual performance. We were invited to the thematic disco PICTUREPLANE.

    A very useful experience in direct popularization of 3D printing ideas. The simplest people approached the device, asked, wondered. They really wanted to try on made bracelets (which, incidentally, were shining in the ultraviolet disco). As a result, four bracelets quietly pulled the girls :)

    Tuesday (October 22)

    Finally, the field trials of our quadrocopter were completed. Most likely, this will seem banal to many, but in our case the event was really significant. The machine has an unusual layout of the control system, and is encoded from scratch. The tests took place late at night, so the video turned out to be very dark :(

    At the moment, the quadrocopter is being brought to mind. In particular, from day to day we will put a lighter battery, and we will rewrite the engine speed controllers.

    Wednesday (October 23)

    The morning of the day began with an interview with the local OTV channel. The report was dedicated to only one of our areas - 3D printing. Well, and as always, only a few minutes of inaudible video were made from the captured hour :( well, all right.

    On the same day, we held an open seminar called Hackerspace. We talked about what this institution is like. About the history of the hackspace movement. Some of the participants managed to really interest, and make their supporters.

    Thursday (October 24th)

    Again a small party of new people gathered. In particular, we were visited by Alex_EXE , a very interesting person with a very interesting blog.

    Communication smoothly turned into solving pressing problems. Power window motors were tested for current consumption. Probably adapt it to the tracked platform. In the evening, a letter came from Baghdad - they organize a Hackspace (FikraSpace) asking them to make a short video about us, about the Hackspace movement.

    Friday (October 25th)

    But on Friday the entrance was formed :)

    Saturday (October 26th)

    Almost collected robogolovu. Printed on a 3D printer eye details.

    Sunday (October 27th):

    Another who wants to participate in the life of the hackspace:

    One of the girls who came to the meeting, by the way, subsequently volunteered to hold a master class on electronics installation.

    Towards evening, the shelves were finally fixed and filled with boxes. Everything turned out as in the classic hackspace :)

    Well, already by night, one of the residents completed his “useless device”. In general, after two months, the pace has not slowed down - life is constantly in full swing in hackspace, projects are moving, new knowledge is being acquired, new connections are being made. I think after the new year, we will write about the next eventful week. Well, of course, the latest information about the life of hackspace can be obtained in our VKontakte group .

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