Lightbeam plugin for Firefox allows you to see who and how is requesting information from the user's PC

    After information about how American intelligence has advanced in terms of monitoring users of the Web, various kinds of software that allows you to control the distribution of your own data are becoming more popular. Many companies release the appropriate software, and Mozilla is no exception. Now this company has introduced the Lightbeam plugin , which helps the user understand who is tracking the user's personal information when surfing.

    The plugin monitors the access of web servers, creating an informative diagram, which shows which resource requested information. According to the developers, this may be a social network, some kind of statistics collection script, advertising script, etc. During operation, the user can display the information collected by the script on the display with a simple click on the plugin icon.

    This plugin is a kind of heir to another Mozilla plugin called Collusion. Lightbeam allows you to configure the sending of relevant information in Mozilla, if desired by the user. Of course, the plugin’s working scheme is not new - it monitors cookies, conducting detailed analysis of such files.

    Via pcworld

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