Does the company need a unique template for e-mail newsletters?

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What is it?
This is a template of letters in which your logo is embedded, possibly the slogan, your phones, office contacts and buttons of social networks.

The other day, we asked our customers if they use their own templates for newsletters.

Here are the answers we received:

As you can see, 2/3 of our customers do not use the corporate template.
It seems to us that this is a big mistake - look at the click reports of our letters.

There were 545 unique clicks, of which 34 were for the logo (6.2%), 58 clicks for the description of services (10.6%) and 5 links to social networks (1%).
In total, these clicks account for 17.8% of clicks. Thus, due to the unique corporate template, we received almost 20% more transitions from the letter.

Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

Do you use the corporate template in the newsletters?

  • 40% yes 36
  • 60% no 54

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