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    podcastWeb Standards Podcast, Issue # 135: Certificates and TLS 1.3, flexs and custom properties, compatibility and webkit-junk, SVG filters and WebGL, Node.js news
    podcastFrontend Weekend podcast # 67 - Victor Grishchenko on how and why develop science in the modern IT world
    podcastWeekly Vue weekly podcast, Issue 1.
    podcastFive Minute React podcast # 44 - From the life of one middle developer
    podcast“ Devshakhta - podcast ": # 47: Test as Uncle Bob
    podcastPodcast" Frontend Youth (18+) " # 62 Multicultural podcast is not about the frontend
    videoInterview with the head of SRI Sergey Berezhny
    videoChernivtsiJS 2018 - June 23, 2018 , 12 videos

    Web development

    habrAn introduction to programming shaders for web designers
    habrMicroservice front-end - a modern approach to front division
    enWeb Payments, Payment Request API and Google Pay
    enAR / VR creation using Javascript and HTML
    enQuick introduction to web security
    enOverview of popular static site generators
    enNew instructions on accessibility in WCAG 2.1


    habrCustom approach for normalizing and resetting styles (custom-reset.css)
    Resolved with CSS! Logical stylization based on the number of elements
    We write CSS better and more beautifully
    enUse the support definition function to write cross-browser CSS


    habrTypeScript 3.0
    habrWeb applications and servers working with JavaScript are vulnerable to ReDoS attacks
    enTop 33 JavaScript projects on GitHub
    enChecklist for writing reuse components in React and Vue

    • Libs & Plugins:
      ensize-plugin - displays the size of compressed assets of your webpack and changes since the last build
      enWorkerDOM - an implementation of the DOM API designed to work inside the Web Worker


    Mozilla announced the removal of outdated Firefox add-ons
    The upcoming Google Chrome 69 update will bring a radically new browser design
    Firefox 62 plans to activate the Firefox Monitor system add-on
    enChrome for Android may start disabling JavaScript on a 2G connection


    Yandex cancels the TCI and introduces a new indicator of the quality of the site
    Programmers are joking. Is it time to ban?
    • The European Union will ban the production of halogen lamps on September 1
    Windows 95 ported to Electron
    Linux kernel turned 27 years old
    How the mouse was tempered: the evolution of gaming peripherals
    OG became the champion of The International 2018 . For the victory, the team earned $ 11.2 million.

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