I2P traffic has grown significantly over the past year

    The graph shows that in January-April 2013 the number of I2P users remained at approximately the same level, but noticeable growth began in late April and May. Another jump in popularity happened in September 2013. If not for the October recession, then we could talk about more than double the number of users over the past year: the daily audience grew from 15 thousand to 35 thousand.

    Invisible Internet Project (I2P) - an anonymous network that is somewhat similar to Tor . Here, the principle of multilayer traffic encryption is applied, as in the “onion” routing of Tor, although with some differences. All traffic is transmitted over encrypted channels between the users themselves. Unlike Tor, the I2P peer-to-peer network structure encourages torrent downloads.

    Specialists associate the growth in the number of users with increased censorship on the Russian Internet. Now the Russian Federation is the most active user of the I2P network in terms of the number of nodes. At least when it's night in the USA.

    Of course, the hype around wiretapping of Internet users by the NSA in the framework of the PRISM program and other programs declassified thanks to Edward Snowden also played a significant role.

    In addition to the introduction of censorship in Russia, the I2P project manager, Lars Schimmer, calls the release of the official I2P application for Android another reason for the growth , earlier versions of which appeared on the forums .

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