The FBI seized 144 thousand bitcoins belonging to Ross Ulbricht

    It was previously reported that the FBI gained access to the Silk Road operating wallet, which held 26 thousand bitcoins. Now the FBI has reached the personal wallet of the former owner of Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht. Here, mining is larger - as many as 144 thousand bitcoins, which, at the current rate, is equal to 28.5 million dollars. This money has already been transferred to the FBI wallet (the movement of funds was carried out in small transactions of 324 bitcoins, the entire operation was completed on October 25.

    Representatives of the FBI did not tell how access to Ulbricht’s personal wallet was obtained, and why this wallet was considered to belong to the “Terrible Pirate Roberts”. However, one of the FBI employees told Forbes that the wallet’s affiliation with this particular person, Ross Ulbricht, is beyond doubt. “This is his wallet,” the FBI spokesman said. It is worth noting that the transfer of funds to the FBI wallet lasted about a day.

    Now, in conjunction with previously withdrawn bitcoins, the FBI actually owns 174 thousand bitcoins, and this is 3.15% of the entire cryptocurrency that is in circulation.

    It will be useful to recall that another 111 thousand bitcoins are on this wallet, which is also considered the possession of Ulbricht. So far, the FBI seems to have no access to this wallet, so the money is dead weight.

    Given all of the above, it can be assumed that the cryptocurrency rate will continue to grow, since the FBI seems to be about to liquidate the withdrawn, as previously reported . Among other things, those 111 thousand bitcoins can also be considered withdrawn from circulation, so it's probably the time to buy bitcoins.

    Via forbes

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