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Java User Groups (JUGs) are volunteer organizations of Java developers designed to bring together Java programmers, Java users, and IT companies. Usually geographically integrated, such as the Moscow community of Java developers or the Belarusian Java User Group . They provide a meeting place for Java users to exchange information, discuss problems and solutions from the Java world and, above all, drink beer, eat pizza and have fun.

Typical JUG event
Typical JUG event

JUG Pakistan
JUG Pakistan

JUG in Russia

Let's look at the Java User Groups International Map map.
Java User Groups International Map

Personally, I feel hurt, it turns out that on the whole vast territory of our country there is only the Moscow JUG, St. Petersburg JUG and Omsk JUG (maybe there are others just not on the map, but I don’t have any information about them found) . Even Uganda and Lagos have their own JUG - regions, ay!

Why is this necessary?

Everyone knows the situation on the labor market, the demand for java developers is very high, if in Moscow it is still really possible to find "qualified" personnel, then in the regions this is almost unrealistic.
From time to time they ask me such questions:
- Hello, do you still have acquaintances who know Java? And then the project is planned.
("Here" in the city where I come from, now I live in Moscow)
- hmm ... yes, but they are most likely busy
- well, who suddenly grew up there?

People go to freelance, start startups and pulling a project alone is unrealistic. You will be able to attract a guru with 20 years of experience into your ranks, but beginners taking juniors taking their first steps are what you need and the JUG platform is a great place for communication and making the right acquaintances.

How to create your own jug

  • To get started, register on java.net
  • Next, go to the creation page , get acquainted with the requirements for the project and click Create Project
  • We fill in the Project Name field, this name will be used in the URL project_name.java.net and Description, select Source License, click create.

After that, you will receive a congratulation in the mail that your project has been successfully created.

So, our project is created, let's see what java.net provides us
  • bug tracker - you can choose JIRA or Bugzilla
  • repository - subversion, mercurial or git
  • mailing list
  • file storage
  • forum
  • chat room
  • wiki
  • and some other little things

The JUG was created, but at the moment it is private, it is not in the Jugs List and is not on the map . To make a project public, you need to write in a free form to the manager (Java.net Community Manager) with a request to open the project. If everything is ok, after a while (several hours) they will answer you and open the project.
To add your JUG to the map - Java User Groups International Map you need to send an xml of a certain type to the mail of the community manager, for example:

Baikal Web Developer JUGLeaders:Anton Ilinchik
Site: https://baikal.java.net/ ]]>

And the new JUG will appear on the map.

Now your JUG is officially registered, it is on the list and on the map, now it’s small. We prepare reports, look for sponsors, buy beer and pizza, and maybe you will see the success of BeJUG (Belgium Java User Group) which has grown into huge devoxx conference .

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