Concept: How to Improve iMessage

    He came up with how it would be possible to improve the connection between the message message and instagram, twitter and other social apps: highlight text labels @usernameas a link and let me choose in which app to open it.

    Now, to add a friend who sent me his username, I have to manually copy the username from the message; if there is something superfluous in the message - delete it (yes, editing texts on a smartphone is very convenient). Then I need to open the desired app, go to the "find by username" button and insert the text. It turns out a rather long route. In my concept, it is reduced to two tapas.

    It’s clear that the idea easily spreads to any ups that have @ text - for example, I write comments on instagram and write my friend’s username from Twitter - and it is well transferred to all mobile platforms.

    If you like the idea, please support a shot on the dribble . I would like to draw the attention of companies that are developing popular ups to this concept. Perhaps they will also be interested in this, and will think about making an API that will allow applications to exchange links of this kind.

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