Highscreen Omega Prime Mini: smartphone- “week” with five color panels (announcement! No review)

    Last summer, Highscreen Omega Prime and Prime XL smartphones appeared in the arsenal, each with three multi-colored covers in the kit. The models seemed especially interesting to me amid the prices that manufacturers sometimes set as separate interchangeable panels. For example, the official price tag of a cover for Nokia Lumia 520 is 780 rubles (~ $ 24), even for Nokia Asha 501 - 660 rubles (~ $ 20). The upcoming October brought news that is not as technically attractive as Highscreen Boost 2, but I couldn’t get past it. Highscreen Omega Prime Mini - 4.3 inches (with OGS), “quad” Qualcomm cores, 1 GB (and not 512 MB) of RAM and ... Five color panels at once.

    Personal impressions - after, for a start we get acquainted with technical specifications.

    We have seen Qualcomm MSM8225Q in Highscreen smartphones more than once or even twice. Not the latest platform with an average Adreno 203 graphics accelerator. From the point of view of hardware characteristics, at least two things warm the soul - an 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and 1 GB of RAM. Plus, from my purely female point of view, the thickness of 7.8 mm looks “appetizing”, and the smartphone itself is miniature, and among girls (at least among my friends) not everyone likes big shovelophones.

    I have already managed to tinker with my smartphone for a short time, my impressions are the most encouraging. The lids turned out to be not “hacky” at all and not for a “tick”. Plastic is more than high-quality, they obviously did not save here. Colors to choose from: black, white, red, blue and orange. In general, the smartphone "week" just happened. Potential “byak” - found out that the covers themselves are white, the colors are applied as a coating. I will not draw far-reaching conclusions yet - let's see how the panels behave after a week or two of operation. By the way, the texture of the covers is different. Red and orange options are gloss, the rest three are matte.

    It’s sad to look at the battery. Firstly, it is non-removable, and secondly, only 1,600 mAh. But the price with such a complete set is moderate - 7,490 rubles (~ $ 234).

    Finally, a couple of "live" photos from me. The smartphone is being tested, I will soon try to detail my impressions of the new items. If you have any questions, ask in the comments :)

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