New Developer Economics Survey

    VisionMobile launched a new survey of mobile developers . The results of the study will be published free of charge in January as part of the world's largest Developer Economics report (including in Russian, we do the translation in Apps4All). Which platforms are more profitable to use, which tools are the most popular, how best to monetize applications, what market trends? All of these questions are answered by VM research.

    Why is it important

    As part of a previous studyRussians again became the third in the number of respondents after the Chinese and Americans, which is very nice. I hope that in this study we will show decent results. This is important in order to understand how Russian development is moving and whether there are global differences from the global situation.


    Traditionally, prizes are drawn among all participants: iPhone 5c, Samsung Galaxy S4, Lumia 925, AR Drone 2.0 and other gadgets. Also, everyone has traditionally been offered a month of free work at Bugsense.

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