Google will protect sites from DDoS attacks and help circumvent censorship

    Today, Google decided to please the world by talking about 3 new services that are under development and will soon be launched.

    1) Protection of sites from DDoS
    2) Decentralized F2F proxy
    3) Interactive map of DDoS attacks

    Protection of sites from DDoS

    Google called this project “Project Shield”

    They did not come up with anything new, the protection will be carried out using the CloudFlare method - Google will hide the IP address of your resource and act as a proxy and CDN, cutting off excess traffic.

    You can sign up for the beta test here

    Decentralized F2F Proxy

    uProxy - This is the name that was chosen for this service.

    This service will work as follows:
    1) You install a browser extension (supported by Chrome / Firefox)
    2) Log in to the system (most likely with a google account)
    3) Choose friends whom you trust

    Now, if you wish, or if the network in which you are not reliable, your traffic will automatically go through your friends.
    In the project description, Google immediately clarified that this product is not intended to create anonymous access, and they believe that it is better to use Tor then.

    Enrollment for the beta test

    Interactive DDoS Attack Map

    This is the only service that already works for free without SMS, you can check its work by visiting

    It is designed to display various attacks in the world in real time, and there is a gallery on the site where there are photos of previous attacks.

    Perhaps only one thing remains incomprehensible, where did Google get information from intercontinental uplinks ?

    And a review video about why Google decided on these services

    What is very interesting, Google does not hide that the main purpose of the first service is to protect against political DDoS attacks, and they are not against it.

    As for the second service - if this proxy is enabled for all Chrome users by default, then this is a very interesting thing that will cause butthert at the NSA / FSB to make the world a bit more secure and better.

    And really - a great idea - he has a good friend outside the borders of your state - we add him to friends, he sends his traffic through you, you through him. everyone is happy.

    Please note that in the survey there are only 2 options due to the fact that the lack of surveillance on the current Internet is a very strange phenomenon, if we assume that everyone is being watched, then we must choose who is better.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    It is obvious that such services will be able to follow you, how do you feel about this?

    • 47.7% Better let Google follow me than intelligence agencies 1611
    • 3.4% Let the intelligence services keep an eye on 118
    • 48.7% i2p / tor / vpn / proxy / mesh 1643

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