About MyEducationPath. What will be the higher education of the future and why is MyEducationPath needed

    A couple of days ago, my MyEducationPath project ( http://myeducationpath.com/ ) was on the list of companies in Habré as part of a startup support program . Thanks, Habr!

    In this first post I want to talk about my project and the idea that led to it.

    2 years ago, I studied Stanford University's Introduction to Artificial Intelligence online course. I was impressed with the results and became interested in a new movement in the development of online courses - MOOC (massive opening of online courses). In 2012, there was just a boom around this topic. Everyone was talking about Coursera, edX, and similar startups.

    I also came to the conclusion that higher education will change. But, in my opinion, online courses alone are not enough. Courses are only part of the educational process. Real changes will come only when the rest of the services of modern universities can be replaced by free or cheap analogues.

    Why and how higher education can change.

    In my opinion, the main driver of change will be the cost and accessibility of higher education in the world. In some countries, higher education is of high quality but expensive, in others it is cheap but of poor quality, in others, access to education is generally closed to some sections of society. The Internet and communication technologies can make a difference and lead to a significant reduction in the cost of quality higher education. For universities, the moment will come when it will be necessary either to revise the principles of work or simply go bankrupt and disappear.

    What a higher education of the future might look like.

    A modern university sells a wide range of services in one package. Theoretical training, practical exercises, group work, “student atmosphere”, organization of practice in real enterprises, certification and certification, sometimes job placement upon completion and, finally, administration of all these processes.
    The student pays once for everything and does not know how much of his money was spent on each specific service.
    But this model of the university’s work was invented several centuries ago. Can't it be optimized? After all, these days a lot of things can be automated.

    I predict that in the near future this model will be changed. Independent companies will provide certain types of services. Some companies will offer online courses for theoretical training (this is already happening). Others will do certification and testing of knowledge and skills (as CLEP or Excelsior College are doing now), while others will offer practical training services in educational laboratories, etc. For group work and creating a special “student atmosphere”, the services that MOOCCampus already offers are suitable.

    One university can be replaced by many small companies. As a result, training will become more dynamic and personal. The student can choose from many options at every step. From an economic point of view, a large organization (university) will be replaced by many small ones. The entry threshold for starting a new business will be significantly reduced; as a result of competition, prices will be reasonable and adequate.

    So what is MyEducationPath for?

    The purpose of the MyEducationPath service is to help the student organize the learning process. This website is designed to automate learning management. He must replace the university administration and do the same work faster, more dynamic, personalized and most importantly cheaper (ideally - free).

    MyEducationPath - help:
    • select courses for training;
    • plan a training program to achieve a certain level of knowledge;
    • Find certification providers to validate knowledge and skills;
    • find other students for group training;
    • find places for studies or long-term living with other "free students";
    • keep at publish the history of personal education (can be included in the resume for job search);
    • share experiences with other students;
    • seek internship offers in companies;
    • find training laboratories for practical classes in some subjects (physics, chemistry, etc.);

    and everything else to help the student get the right level of knowledge and skills in the chosen specialty for the best price and time.

    MyEducationPath should become a resource on which a student will open his account after graduation and will use it all his life, because you need to improve and learn all your life. MyEducationPath will be able to plan a new program based on the student’s educational history and new goals.

    MyEducationPath is a meeting place for all participants in the future higher education system.

    The following diagram demonstrates how the work and communication of participants in the educational process in the new conditions can be organized and what role MyEducationPath plays in this process.


    MyEducationPath has been online for almost a year now. The main task now is the MOOC aggregation, that is, to collect lists of courses from different sources and submit in a form convenient for searching. But I am working on other tools for which there is no real application yet, but I am sure that the need for them will appear soon.

    One of the best results at the moment is the constructor of learning paths. You can rate it here .

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